The human brain needs a steady supply of micronutrients to function at its best.Are you getting enough?

The human brain needs a steady supply of micronutrients to function at its best.Are you getting enough?

EMPowerplus™ Q96

 The human brain needs a steady supply of micronutrients to function at its best, but many don’t get adequate amounts in their standard diet. Deficiencies in key vitamins and minerals can have a negative impact both on cognitive performance and mood; for example, zinc deficiency can contribute to fatigue and irritability, and a shortage of thiamin may prevent production of important neurotransmitters. Research continues to show that the mind and body thrive when given the nutrients they need..

Do you or someone you care about:

  •  Feel stressed or anxious?
  •  Tired and Lacking energy?
  •  Have trouble staying focused?
  •  Feel moody or sad?
  •  Need more Calm, Clarity and Focus in their life?
  •  Prefer a natural drug free approach?
 If you answered YES to any of these questions,

Watch the video and try a bottle for yourself. Click Here to order.

Key benefits:
  • Supports mood stability, improved cognition, and overall brain health
  • Helps sustain mental focus
  • Reduces mental and emotional distress
  • Nano-chelation and micronization process ensures increased bioavailability and maximum nutrient uptake in the brain
  • Gluten, dairy, soy, nut and egg free

Empowerplus Q96 comes in capsule form or for Vegans, tablet form, for kids, the elderly or anyone that prefers  powder we have that as well. Everyone needs great nutrition from our Children to our Grandparents.

When a person begins the Q Sciences journey towards health and well-being, they quickly notice a transformative shift in how they perceive, feel, and act in their everyday lives.

My name is Lisa Young, Im a distributor with Q Sciences. I take this product daily and feel wonderful.
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Will you share this information to save a life?

96d738496bd4f672ecfef031add1f810Have to share this with all of you. As most know Im with Q Sciences and have the product for depression and other mood disorders.

I ran into a friend at the store, she had been on my mind  to share the Empowerplus Q96 with but thought she had the perfect life, the perfect family so never shared with her about the Empowerplus Q96.

When she asked what am I doing now I told her and her face went pale and she started to cry. She then said how long have you been doing this and have known about this product? Since  November 2012 I said. She said through her tears why did you not tell me? You see her son had Bi Polar and she was to embarrassed to tell anyone trying to be that perfect family.  But in the end he suffered, the family suffered and she prayed for help for answers of how to help him.  Her son ended up committing suicide weeks after being put on meds in  December 2012

I have never felt more horrible at that moment all I could do is cry and say Im sorry. I promised my friend in the middle of the store both crying that I would always share this product and bring hope to those that are praying for it.

I will always share what I know and what I have that can help someone even if they seem to have the perfect life. Im crying writing this as my son has BiPolar and the day someone told me changed my life and my son’s life.

I hope if anyone knows someone that has a mood disorder and is suffering please share this with them because now you know how to help them. You do not want to be at their kids, their wife or their husband funeral and say I knew of this product that could of saved their life.

Thank you for letting me share a very personal moment with all of you.

To learn more about  Empowerplus Q96 and to share with someone you know that is suffering please visit my website

Lisa Young

***Much of the information we share will make reference to mental illnesses because of the profoundly amazing results in this area… . a person DOES NOT have to be sick to benefit from this product.. this product is for everyone from children and teens to middle aged and seniors and everyone in between.