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I Want To Help My Child Thrive With the #1 Most-Studied Supplement for Mood and Brain Health..

Looking to help your child better manage moods and behavior, and thrive both at school and at home?


Q Sciences Takes First Step in Global Expansion

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Q Sciences Takes First Step in Global Expansion

Now incorporated in New Zealand, Q Sciences sets sights on continued international growth
PRLogSep. 24, 2014PLEASANT GROVE, UtahQ Sciences, the company that produces EMPowerplus™ Q96, the most researched micronutrient formula in the world, recently announced that it has been incorporated and recognized as a legally functioning business in New Zealand. As Q Sciences continuously looks for opportunities to expand into international markets, this is the company’s first step in global expansion.

“We are extremely pleased to announce that New Zealand has opened its doors to us and recognizes the importance of Q Sciences doing business in their great country,” said Daren Hogge, President, Founder, and CEO of Q Sciences. “We truly believe everyone can benefit from Q Sciences’ products and opportunity and by expanding into New Zealand we can offer The Science of Happiness to even more people.”

With its vast corporate international experience and success, Q Sciences has already expanded from the United States into Canada and now into New Zealand, with its sights set on continuing to grow globally in the Asian and South Pacific markets. By increasing its reach to countries around the world, Q Sciences’ mission of helping people improve their lives through proper nutrition, physical activity, friendship and community, and financial opportunity is now being realized internationally.

About EMPoweplus™ Q96

EMPowerplus™ Q96 delivers a well-balanced blend of 36 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to the brain in a safe and effective dose. Backed by years of scientific research, EMPowerplus™ Q96 supports mood stability, mental clarity, improved cognition, and overall brain health and function.

About Q Sciences

Q Sciences is a Utah-based wellness company dedicated to its customers, Independent Business Owners, and employees. Built on a foundation of proven science, Q Sciences’ mission is to improve the quality of life through its core line of wellness supplements and innovative fitness products. More information about the company’s cutting-edge products based on the most advanced science and technology is available at www.qhealthandwellness.com

Lisa Young Q Sciences IBO
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Q Sciences Lowers Enrollment Fee!

Q Sciences Lowers Enrollment Fee!

What if… Nutrition could treat mental illness?

This study is very interesting..I know the nutrient she studied was  Empowerplus Q96..I have all the studies!!! There is hope..we are seeing results like I have never seen by a natural product..EVER!!! I look forward to meeting Prof Rucklidge soon!!

Want the studies or more information message me. My website is www.qhealthandwellness.com



Professor Julia Rucklidge, Psychology, College of Science
Despite the advent of medications and other therapies over the last 50 years, the rates of mental illness have been on the rise rather than a decline. Over the last decade, scientists have been uncovering an uncomfortable truth: What we eat is affecting our mental health.
In this talk, Prof Rucklidge will discuss the data that shows an alarming picture of food choices serving as risk factors to all kinds of psychiatric problems; she will then introduce the recent paradigm shift of using nutrients to treat these challenges, reviewing the evidence to date. The talk will challenge our current treatment regime for mental disorders and suggest one alternative course of action.

Empowerplus Q96 is helping tens of millions just feel better.. Visit our website to learn more and to order your Empowerplus Q96.

Lisa Young Q Sciences IBO http://www.qhealthandwellness.com

College Bound? Pack Empowerplus Q96 ..

Order YOUR Empowerplus Q96 www.helpwithq.com

Order YOUR Empowerplus Q96 http://www.helpwithq.com






Are you heading to College or  Parents are you sending your son or daughter to College? Don’t forget to pack them some Empowerplus Q96. 1379846_770476209632701_1678788249_n

Keep in mind Empowerplus Q96 was

  • Researched at 15 Different Universities

  •  Including Harvard University, Ohio State University. And we now have 25 medical Journal Publications.




stressed-studentLate nights studying Empowerplus Q96 can help stay focused.



1b26f08ac12f3efecc72d75551be456cStress of meeting new people and new place. Empowerplus Q96 can help relieve the stress and anxiety.


Not eating as healthy as you should ?  Get extra nutrition with Empowerplus Q96 so your energy levels are up and your ready to experience College with all it’s new adventures.


Parents know your kids are healthy, their brains are focused and they are stress free to enjoy all College has to offer.

Connect with me on my website www.qhealthandwellness.com or let’s chat on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/thehopechest

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Who is ready to just feel good! The New Year’s Resolution That Will Change Your Life

The New Year’s Resolution That Will Change Your Life

Do whatever you can to feel good, because when you feel good, life will be good. The better you feel, the better life will get! Think about, talk about, and focus on the areas of your life that make you feel good. Take Empowerplus Q96 daily! When you do these simple things, everything in your life will get better, whether that’s better relationships, health, money, or better circumstances with your job. Nothing in your life can ever improve until you feel better, and when you feel better, everything will improve. Make feeling as good as you can your number one priority for 2014, and it will be the best year of your life! Start with taking Empowerplus Q96 every day.

Empowerplus Q96 helps you to just FEEL GOOD! It feeds your brain your organs and the whole you, so you can get out of bed and do want to go for that walk and can fix a good healthy meal. When we are sluggish, depressed we do not feel like doing much but feed the brain and the rest falls into place!
To get started with your daily dose of Empowerplus Q 96 Easy as ordering online and being shipped to your door step. 1379846_770476209632701_1678788249_n
You want to hear stories of how Empowerplus Q96 has helped so many just  click here  
Wanting more research more information to learn why Empowerplus Q96 is the most researched micronutrient in the world Click here
Want to feel more calm, serene, and level-headed?EMPowerplus Q96 is a supplement with 36 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids specially formulated for the brain and central nervous system.
  Are YOU ready to be healthy and lean in 2014!
We are in USA Canada Australia and New Zealand.
I invite you to visit my website ask questions and start feeling Great!
Lisa Young Q Sciences IBO Silver Elite
Looking forward to hearing from you and answering any questions. You can also visit my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/thehopechest

Is your College student looking for Focus Clarity and Energy?

COLLEGE KIDS NEED HELP!!!  Order Empowerplus Q96  for someone you know who is struggling. Could it be you? Or your child.






College students across the country are experiencing worrisome levels of stress and anxiety. Many are turning to dangerous drugs.

WAIT there is HELP EmpowerplusQ96  btn-buy-now

EMPowerplus Q96, an all natural brain food, helps with mental clarity, anxiety… so they can focus on their studies and be more productive. It’s gives all students  a more balanced life! www.helpwithq.com Great for any age


A proprietary formula for enhanced mood and brain function
EMPowerplus Q96 contains a balanced blend of 36 essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids in optimum ratios for optimal brain function, mental clarity and enhanced mood in both children and adults.
An all-natural formula, EMPowerplus Q96 is the most researched micronutrient supplement in the world, and is unlike any other vitamin or mineral formula on the market, due to its proprietary formulation and technology.
The formula’s power comes from using only the highest quality nutrients, the correct dosage of individual ingredients, and the precise combinations of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that interact to enhance potency and effectiveness. A proprietary 96-hour nano-chelation and micronization process dramatically increases the bioavailability of micronutrients for maximum uptake in the brain.
Available EMPowerplus Q96 Products:
  • EMPowerplus Q96 Capsules (or vegan formulation tablets)
  • EMPowerplus Q96 Sample Box
  • EMPowerplus Q96 Berries & Banana (powder formula)
Background Information:
Micronutrients, which include essential vitamins and minerals, support critical functions in the brain and body, such as the maintenance of nerve cells and the regulation of neurotransmitters. Vitamin B12 helps maintain the myelin sheath outer layer coating on nerve cells, for example, and folic acid is essential for healthy serotonin levels.
The human brain needs a steady supply of micronutrients to function at its best, but many Americans don’t get adequate amounts in their standard diet. Deficiencies in key vitamins and minerals can have a negative impact both on cognitive performance and mood; for example, zinc deficiency can contribute to fatigue and irritability, and a shortage of thiamin may prevent production of important neurotransmitters. Research continues to show that the mind and body thrive when given the nutrients they need.
Key benefits:

  • Supports mood stability, improved cognition, and overall brain health
  • Helps sustain mental focus
  • Reduces mental and emotional distress
  • Nano-chelation and micronization process ensures increased bioavailability and maximum nutrient uptake in the brain
  • Gluten, dairy, soy, nut and egg free

Give your brain the food it needs,

Any Questions please ask.

Lisa Young Q Sciences IBO Silver Elite

Order YOUR Empowerplus Q96 www.helpwithq.com

Order YOUR Empowerplus Q96 http://www.helpwithq.com

Are you nutrient deficient?

We all are looking for happiness. And that comes in the way of calm clarity and coping with every day stresses! Many of us are Nutrient deficient and that makes us  unfocused ,cranky and at times depressed. Im here to tell you how to get Brain Sexy!

Help is here with Empowerplus Q96.

Help is here with Empowerplus Q96.

Empowerplus Q96 gives you Calm Clarity and Coping with all that comes your way.  Whether your stressed ,depressed,have anxiety or just want some great brain food Empowerplus Q96 gives just that. Happiness comes from within and when your brain is fed all the nutrient it needs to give the rest of your body what it needs we feel confident happy and that is Brain Sexy,

We may spend a lot of time thinking about the health of our hearts, bones, skin, and even our intestines — with good cause. They are critical to our general health and wellbeing. But how often do you think about how to nourish our body’s most important organ — the human brain? The brain is the seat of our consciousness. It governs our capacity to think, learn, reason, and remember; it’s also the control center for virtually every other bodily process that we have. And, not surprisingly, it’s an organ that requires excellent nutrition to function at top capacity.

Most of us probably spend more time thinking about whether our food contains enough fiber for our GI tracts than we do about whether we’re getting enough B vitamins for our brain cells.

There’s a lot of evidence to suggest that what we do for the brain now can have a big impact on how it functions in the years – and decades – to come.

Keeping the brain healthy and well-nourished is a task that should be high on our to-do list. There’s a lot of evidence to suggest that what we do for the brain now can have a big impact on how it functions in the years – and decades – to come. Eating well in the present, taking Empowerplus Q96 along with other healthy lifestyle choices we make today, can keep the brain hopping along well now and stave off age-related problems in the future, like cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease.

When you feel mentally sluggish, foggy, unable to concentrate, and just plain tired, there is a good chance that you need more nutrients like Empowerplus Q96. It is all too easy to be deficient in some of the nutrients the brain needs to work at top capacity, especially if we are dieting, or under stress, or eating on the go. These deficiencies can affect us mentally, leading to a number of cognitive problems and even to states like anxiety and depression.

So it’s a good idea to become familiar with the brain-friendly nutrition Empowerplus Q96 Also  Vitamins D3 and Vitamin B12.

nativeThese deficiencies can affect us mentally, leading to a number of cognitive problems and even to states like anxiety and depression.

Q Sciences recognizes all brains that are healthy are happy and gives us confidence and a Healthy Brain is a Sexy Brain!  Empowerplus Q96 is bringing sexy back.

November 8-14 th is National week of Happiness so Q Sciences has a great special for all of you.  Call in ( 385-374-6400 ) Use SKU Q5045 and mention my name Lisa Young and use IBO # 10256 and you can receive the great special. Or visit my website anytime to learn more and order your Brain Healthy products,

Brainy is the new sexy canpaigne 3 7



Empowerplus Q96 is Bringing Sexy Back. Brainy is the New Sexy.


We are Brain Sexy!

We are Brain Sexy!

I wanted to share something with all of you that had me thinking and was the reason for my new Campaign ” Brainy is the New Sexy “.


Many women that are overweight or think they are not perfect DO NOT FEEL HAPPY.  They feel body image will make them happy,but in even the the thinnest are still searching for happiness. It all stars in the brain and when the brain has the nutrients is needs  your brain your body and your confidence shine through. So whether your 100 pounds or 300 pounds with a SEXY healthy Brain you too will then have confidence and will shine inside and out.

So many young girls starve themselves or even start throwing up thinking to feel great they must be thin, Im here to let them know being happy and feeling good about yourself starts with their brain.  Empowerplus Q96 is the nutrient that feeds the brain and brings happiness back.

For all us women looking for that feeling of happiness all we need to do is give it the most studied micronutrient in history and amazing things will take place.Watch your whole thought process change to Brain Sexy!

My mission is to help everyone of you to take a stand and GET YOUR BRAIN SEXY BACK!

Q Sciences feels this is important and will be running a Promo Special just for us ‘Brainy in the New Sexy”  November 8th through November 14th as it is National Happiness week! When calling to get your special  (BO Success Line (385) 374-6400 )please use my  name Lisa Young and IBO # 10256

Empowerplus Q96 is bringing sexy back.

Empowerplus Q96 is bringing sexy back.

Women, young and old want to feel Sexy  Brain Sexy that is!

women Ok Yes we also will let the men learn about Brain Sexy as they sure want us feeling good about ourselves and so let them know about Empowerplus Q96. they would love to buy a bottle and see how your bringing sexy back to your brain!

Help is here with Empowerplus Q96.

Help is here with Empowerplus Q96.

If anyone has any questions please feel to visit my website http://www.helpwithq.com and for more research on Empowerplus Q96 visit http://www.qscienesinfo.com Then head back and order Your Brain Sexy Empowerplus Q96

Lisa Young Q Sciences IBO Silver Elite.