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I hope each of you will  tune in to QTV Live on Saturday November 1st 9am

Learn about Brain Health and the Science Behind Empowerplus Q96
llllTony Stephan will be speaking in Abbotsford, BC . as  part of his North American tour.

*Who do you know that is feeling run down or lacks energy?
*Who do you know that has a family member that feels despair and sadness?
*Who do you know that may have anger issues?
*Do you know anyone who is feeling a bit overwhelmed with life?
*Who do you know that is concerned about their health?

Also take a look at of our other speakers!!!

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It is exciting to know that Q Sciences is the first company to have such technology, which allows us to communicate with the entire company on a regular basis.

Q Sciences has invested to make our technology the best and a stand out in our industry.  We are the one of the most technology advanced company in the industry.

Looking forward to talking with and answering any questions about Q Sciences or any of the speakers you heard.

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Q Sciences Takes First Step in Global Expansion

Q Sciences Logo

Q Sciences Takes First Step in Global Expansion

Now incorporated in New Zealand, Q Sciences sets sights on continued international growth
PRLogSep. 24, 2014PLEASANT GROVE, UtahQ Sciences, the company that produces EMPowerplus™ Q96, the most researched micronutrient formula in the world, recently announced that it has been incorporated and recognized as a legally functioning business in New Zealand. As Q Sciences continuously looks for opportunities to expand into international markets, this is the company’s first step in global expansion.

“We are extremely pleased to announce that New Zealand has opened its doors to us and recognizes the importance of Q Sciences doing business in their great country,” said Daren Hogge, President, Founder, and CEO of Q Sciences. “We truly believe everyone can benefit from Q Sciences’ products and opportunity and by expanding into New Zealand we can offer The Science of Happiness to even more people.”

With its vast corporate international experience and success, Q Sciences has already expanded from the United States into Canada and now into New Zealand, with its sights set on continuing to grow globally in the Asian and South Pacific markets. By increasing its reach to countries around the world, Q Sciences’ mission of helping people improve their lives through proper nutrition, physical activity, friendship and community, and financial opportunity is now being realized internationally.

About EMPoweplus™ Q96

EMPowerplus™ Q96 delivers a well-balanced blend of 36 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to the brain in a safe and effective dose. Backed by years of scientific research, EMPowerplus™ Q96 supports mood stability, mental clarity, improved cognition, and overall brain health and function.

About Q Sciences

Q Sciences is a Utah-based wellness company dedicated to its customers, Independent Business Owners, and employees. Built on a foundation of proven science, Q Sciences’ mission is to improve the quality of life through its core line of wellness supplements and innovative fitness products. More information about the company’s cutting-edge products based on the most advanced science and technology is available at

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Q Sciences Lowers Enrollment Fee!

Q Sciences Lowers Enrollment Fee!

Have you heard about the Cellerciser MOVEMENT?~Q Sciences and David Hall join forces

Have you heard about the Cellerciser MOVEMENT?~David Hall.

David Hall’s Center for Cellular Health was launched in 1995 and is dedicated to teaching and promoting David’s Cellology® technology.

David Hall has partnered up with Q Sciences to bring the Cellerciser Movement to the world! The BEST in Wellness and Nutrition


David Hall has traveled throughout the United States and abroad promoting his wellness programs. He has presented motivating seminars to tens of thousands that share research, concepts, and educational material on health and fitness at the cellular level. On the extended continuum of health, from highly functional to grossly dysfunctional, David has inspired many toward the highly functional possibilities that his Cellology program delivers

David Hall has been a high-impact lecturer, speaker and motivator for 15 years. David has spoken to over 100,000 individuals, doctors, health practitioners, and universities. David has delivered over 2,000 lectures and speaking engagements over the past 15 years. David’s personal mission is to inspire physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health and well being in people of all ages.

David Hall has trained thousands of individuals, doctors, students in universities, and healthcare practitioners! He has volumes of testimonials crediting his Cellology technology with remarkable reports from the community of over 20,000 who have used his technology! Here are just a few of the recognitions and testimonials David has received: Since 1993, David and his Cellercise program have appeared in literally hundreds of venues.


  •     Women’s Health and Fitness magazine, Natural Healing and Fitness Magazine
  •     Conan O’Brien and numerous other TV appearances
  •     CNN, Fox News, Seattle Times and numerous other print media venues
  •     The PH Miracle, Looking Good Feeling Great
  •     National Health Federation, Rotary International, Modern Manna Health & Healing
  •     Guam University
  •     Appeared with Dr. John Grey, T. Collin Campbell, Dr. Lorraine Day, Dr. JohnMcDougal, Dr. Robert Young and many more
  •      Empowernet, Innerlight, Women’s groups, Police and Fire Depts., Fortune 500 Companies, Celebrities

Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You To Know

The PH Miracle and Diabetes

Looking Good Feeling Great

Jumping for Health

 Q Sciences has joined forces with David Hall to share The Movement with as many as we can!

Cellology® empowers a person to take charge of their internal and external environments to reach their greatest potential.

David Hall partners with Q Sciences4_p1

If you want to learn more or get started with your Cellerciser contact,  Lisa Young Q Sciences IBO for a discounted Cellerciser.