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Your $99.95 enrollment fee provides everything you need to get started today:

  • Four EMPowerplus™ Q96 7-Day Sample Boxes
  • Access to MicroNutrient Support™
  • Personal Website & Dynamic Back Office
  • Deductr Tax Advantage System
  • PROPAY Card for Commission Payments
  • Company Welcome Kit
  • Online Compliance Training
  • Annual renewal fee only $49.95

Inviting you to visit my website and learning about  Q Sciences. Today is a great day to rekindle a dream or start on a new adventure. What goals or people inspire you to change your life’s course? Who or what inspires you to strive for a higher quality of life?

Helping people like you succeed is our inspiration at Q Sciences. Like you, we believe that the most important things in life don’t come with a price tag. We believe a secure financial future includes plenty of time to do the things you enjoy, freedom from financial worries, and the opportunity to help others. Simply by reading this email, you have taken the first step toward realizing your dreams. Q Sciences is ready to help you take the next by showing you the simplicity of building wealth.

Q Sciences provides the framework and tools needed for your business, and you provide the “why.” There is no limit to what you can achieve with the Q Sciences eXponential Infinity Plan. The plan provides eight flexible ways to earn income, so no matter your financial goals or the time you want to dedicate, Q Sciences can create a plan to support you.

In addition to your inspiration and a generous rewards plan, the third ingredient for success is having a product line unmatched in quality and exclusivity.

Q Sciences’ flagship nutritional supplement, EMPowerplus™ Q96, has a proven, sixteen-year track record in promoting brain health and emotional wellness in people around the world. EMPowerplus Q96 is backed by over $25 million in independent research (no company funding whatsoever), 20 studies published in scientific journals, and the support of physicians from universities including Harvard Medical School. The scientific data available on its efficacy is unsurpassed.

Qssentials is a daily dose of Q Sciences’ core foundation wellness products in two formulations to address the individual needs of men and women. Each individual formula offers a specific health benefit, but when taken together, the powerful combination of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and herbs work synergistically to purify, optimize, and protect both mind and body.

Q Sciences’ Qssentials packs include:

  • QVitalize: An herbal and amino acid blend for optimal vitality and energy
  • EMPowerplus™ Q96: A proprietary formula for optimal mood stability and brain function
  • QBiotics: A patented, controlled-release probiotic for optimal digestive health
  • Q10+: A unique, anti-aging health supplement for optimal, healthy aging

Q Sciences products are unique in formulation and philosophy. And they have the best of the best talking about them, including doctors. Stephen Kimberley, M.D., Senior Editor for WebMD for the past 13 years, says, “The majority of wellness supplements currently available are shallow, unimaginative and do not contain effective dosing or balance. They lack the potency and synergistic foundational benefits available with Qssentials.”

Q Sciences provides everything you need for success: Amazing science-backed products, a personal website with an online shopping cart, a back office to manage your financial affairs, compelling marketing materials, and a team to help you get started. Please click here for an in-depth look at the products, science, and information I have referenced above. I would love to walk you through it if you have the time.

Live Life eXponentially!

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