Q Sciences Live Life Exponentially


A mothers answer to prayer.


Dr Kimberley ~  Senior Editor of WebMD and Q Sciences Chief Medical Adviser and Formulator of  Q Vitalize.

Tony Stephan ~ Empowerplus Q96 formulator and his story of how it came to be.

 Why CEO Daren Hogge is so important.

Autumn shares her heart about Bipolar and her Book a Promise of Hope!

1 )Interview with Tony Stephan, formulator of Q96. He describes his family’s difficulties with Bipolar Disorder and how he formulated the product. Part 1 of 7

2) Tony Stephan, creator of Q96, talks about his search for answers for his son’s and daughter’s bipolar disorder.

3) Tony Stephan describes his journey towards formulating Q96

4) Q96 has undergone several studies and has been published in over 20 medical journal articles.

5) Tony Stephan and Daren Hogge discuss how Tony came to work with Qsciences and the mission of Qsciences.

6) “We’re not aware of any product that goes through the same type of formulation and sub-processes that make Q96 so bioavailable,” says Q96 formulator Tony Stephan. Learn more about what sets Q96 apart in the latest segment of Tony’s interview with CEO Daren Hogge.

Qsciences amazing testimonials   Over the past 17 years, the symptoms of Depression, Bipolar and other neurochemical disorders have been virtually eliminated in over 80,000 case studies. Plus proven in clinical trials. Our products have been proven effective with over $25 million having been spent on clinical studies at some of the most prestigious universities on the planet. Never before has a company been more prepared to address the health needs of a generation!  If you want to learn more please email me

Video of Tony Stephan Speaking to a group about how Q96 came to be How he saved his family and how it can help you!

Lisa Young or

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Great testimonials


Hannah is 12 years old and is going great on the Q96


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