Q Sciences received The Most Innovative Products in the Industry Award.

Q Sciences was given the most prestigious award at the Direct Selling Management Association of Utah Awards! Q Sciences received The Most Innovative Products in the Industry Award.

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EMPowerplus™ Q96 Named Most Innovative Product By DSMA of Utah

Q Sciences’ flagship product EMPowerplus™ Q96 receives esteemed accolade

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 PRLogNov. 6, 2014PLEASANT GROVE, UtahThe Direct Selling Management Association of Utah has named Q Sciences’ flagship product EMPowerplus™ Q96 as the Most Innovative Product in the direct sales industry. Backed by 25 independent research studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals, along with $25 million in independent research (no funding from Q Sciences), EMPowerplus™ Q96 supports mood stability, mental clarity, improved cognition, and overall brain health and function.

“Q Sciences is proud and honored to offer the most innovative product in the direct sales industry,” said Daren Hogge, Founder, President, and CEO of Q Sciences. “With unmatched product history and third-party validation, EMPowerplus™ Q96 isn’t just helping individuals find relief, it’s changing the course of a generation.”

Although EMPowerplus™ Q96 is new to the direct sales industry, it has been helping people live healthier, happier lives for over 18 years. Developed by Tony Stephan, this well-balanced blend of 36 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids provides essential nutritional support to the brain and central nervous system.

With EMPowerplus™ Q96, Q Sciences is taking a new approach towards living healthy. Overall health and wellness comes from giving your mind and body the necessary nutrition they require to restore themselves. Once restored, the mind and body can do amazing things. The formula’s power comes from using only the highest quality ingredients, the correct dosage of individual ingredients, and the precise combinations of micronutrients that interact to enhance potency and effectiveness. The use of cutting-edge, nano-chelation technology dramatically increases the bioavailability for maximum uptake in the brain.

As the most researched micronutrient formula in the world, EMPowerplus™ Q96 is unlike any other vitamin or mineral supplement on the market and has changed the lives of thousands of people looking to achieve healthier living. To learn more about EMPowerplus™ Q96 visithttp://www.qhealthandwellness.com

About Q Sciences

Q Sciences is a Utah-based wellness company dedicated to its customers, Independent Business Owners, and employees. Built on a foundation of proven science, Q Sciences’ mission is to improve quality of life through its core line of wellness supplements and innovative fitness products.

About DSMA of Utah

The Direct Selling Management Association of Utah (DSMA) was organized in 2005 for the purpose of: Creating and maintaining collaboration among Utah based, direct selling companies, and related businesses and organizations; achieving a sustainable competitive advantage in financial, technological and operational management, which will lead to economic growth; capture the power and influence of the direct selling industry in Utah through lobbying efforts and other government initiatives. The organization is built on the core values of building relationships, sharing ideas, organizing resources, and operating ethically.

Want to learn more about Q Sciences or Order our cutting edge health and wellness products. http://www.qhealthandwellness.com
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WebMD Senior Editor retires to help Q Sciences Full time.

dr-kimberleyDr. Kimberley’s passion for creating innovative herbal and nutraceutical formulations stems from 30 years of experience as an internal medicine specialist in integrative and alternative medicine. For the past 13 years, Dr. Kimberley has served as Senior Editor for WebMD, the leading source of medical information on the web. In that time, he has developed over 50 diagnostic and health management tools and shared his extensive knowledge of natural ingredients and their powerful effect on wellness.

Dr. Kimberley received a graduate degree in neurochemistry and biology from the University of Oregon, a medical degree from the University of Oregon Health Sciences Center, and completed his residency in internal medicine at UCLA’s Kern Medical Center.

As you know, one of the benefits of being associated with Q Sciences is that we have assembled some of the brightest minds in the world. One of those minds happens to be Dr. Kimberly, who as we all know has had such an illustrious career, most recently as Senior Editor of WebMD, which after many years he recently decided to retire from and focus on helping Q Sciences further our mission full time.  Dr K has graciously agreed to write newsletters so that all of us can continue to further our education about health that will  benefit ourselves, and families on a daily basis.


Dr K’s Q Sciences’ Monthly Newsletter

Greetings! I hope you are all well and living Qssentially! This is the first edition of a monthly Q Sciences’ Product Information Newsletter. It is intended to increase your knowledge base about our products, answer frequently asked questions, and provide insight into Q Sciences’ perspectives from the vanguard of nutraceutical supplementation. Along the way, I will share stories and give you useful tips on how to enhance the health of you, your loved ones, and clients using Q Sciences products. I will generally refrain from discussing other company’s products unless to point out certain general flaws in the standard approach to nutritional supplements. I will also explain how our products POP (Purify, Optimize, and Protect) our bodies 24 hours a day.We ALWAYS seek to “do better”, and the contrasts with the run-of-the-mill formulas are important in explaining how Q Sciences’ products work so well!

Every great story has a beginning, so let’s start there with the tale of EMPowerplus™ Q96

. I recall fondly my first meeting with Daren, Mark, Jimmy, and Bob Sandoz in my Portland clinic in September of 2012. At that time, we all agreed in principle to the process of building a truly superior supplement company one carefully designed product at a time. We also roundly agreed that the eventual product line would meet all reasonable micronutrient needs (and then some), taking the confusion, duplication, dangers and other pitfalls out of the scientific process of optimal nutrition.

The first product need was clear: a balanced, complete and carefully processed foundational multivitamin and mineral combination supplement. I started formulating, carefully, balancing the B vitamins especially along the natural needs of the body’s metabolism. Mineral balance was also crucial, but before I could finish I was asked to review Tony Stephan’s Empower Plus (Q96). I immediately saw that this was just what we were looking for, and this was before hearing the whole EMPowerplus™ Q96 story, including Tony’s experiences and the micronization and chelation aspects of processing. In other words, the formula suited our needs perfectly—even without the compelling back story and other aspects that continue to amaze everyone who gives this groundbreaking product a thorough evaluation.

So, what makes EMPowerplus™ Q96 so remarkable, and why are the results that people get from taking it so much better than from other multivitamin-mineral supplements? I can tell you that after hearing the stories from literally hundreds of individuals who have benefited from EMPowerplus™ Q96, I am a believer. It took me a while to understand exactly why this formula works so well, but I believe I have some answers! Much of the magic, in my opinion, is in the unique processing. Almost all combination mineral supplements generally available contain clunky, chunky, alkaline minerals—these are not well absorbed (if at all) as they precipitate unchanged and are flushed out of the intestines. By micronizing the minerals into nano-particles, surface area is increased exponentially. After micronizing the mixture is chelated for 96 hours.

Bear in mind that this is not the “chelation” that involves IVs and medications for detoxing from heavy metals, as chelation simply refers to the process of binding. In this type of chelation, organic ligands (links) are added to the brew, and over the 96 hours the alkaline minerals are changed into organic mineral acids that are rapidly and completely absorbed by the intestinal lining. The concepts of alkalinity and acidity can be confusing, and there is lots of misinformation about making the body “alkaline”, when in fact the tissues work best when the environment is neutral to slightly acidic.

Within an hour of taking EMPowerplus™ Q96 mineral levels in the blood rise, and this helps increase key mineral levels in the brain and other tissues. In addition, the extracellular fluid in which our cells are bathed becomes supercharged with essential minerals and trace elements. This greatly affects cell metabolism, as calcium, magnesium and other communication channels between the cells and the extracellular fluid are normalized. This in turn affects the bioelectrical polarity that is so crucial for optimal cell function. In essence, the micronization and chelation creates an organically active complex of micronutrients that the body recognizes, absorbs, and utilizes with far more efficiency than other multi-supplements.

The proprietary blend includes key herbs, such as gingko biloba, amino acids (phenylalanine, methionine), and trace elements, such as germanium. Phenylalanine and methionine, for example, are naturally occurring amino acids present in food that provide the raw material for the chemicals used for brain and nerve cell communication. This blend is clearly a key player in “catalyzing” the other micronutrients in Q96. By that I mean that they play a co-factor role that is crucial in boosting the benefits of the other micronutrients and increases their penetration across the blood-brain barrier as well as into the cell-walls.

So how does EMPowerplus™ Q96 purify? When cells have balanced nutrition with additional cell metabolism stimulants present in EMPowerplus™ Q96, the energy producing bodies in the cells (mitochondria) ramp up their activity. This greatly increases the rate at which toxins are flushed from the cells and tissues. Pycogenols from the grape seed extract have been shown to reduce toxicity, kill viruses, and protect cells. Over time, heavy metals, metabolic or medication byproducts, and other toxins are more effectively cleared from the system. Any system works best when it has all it needs to function, and when our bodies are starved from deficient or insufficient levels of micronutrients our function is less than optimal. EMPowerplus™ Q96 provides a complete foundation of bioavailable nutrients in perfect balance, allowing the cells, tissues and organs to work optimally—there is no other word for it! It is like putting high-test fuel in your car instead of the usual diesel.

So how does Q96 protect?

Well, all the ingredients work together to help protect the body and brain from damage and the ravages of aging. The immune system simply works better, and this helps resistance to infections, such as colds and flu. Some ingredients are worthy of special mention. Germanium, an essential trace element included in appropriate dosage, is vitally important in resistance to cancers and serious infections. Hair analysis studies show that up to 95% of people are deficient, and taking EMPowerplus™ Q96 will ensure that you have enough of this amazing element. This brings up an important issue—misinformation! If you search for Internet information on germanium you may find mention of it being “toxic”. ANY element in sufficient dosage is toxic, and the toxicity that has been seen with germanium was in germanium miners who were exposed to extremely high levels for years. The appropriate dose in EMPowerplus™ Q96 could never cause toxicity, yet I have been asked this question more than once. Please beware of dangerous misinformation, as the Internet is full of it. Rest assured that no ingredient in this formula is toxic or harmful in any way. When in doubt, ask the docs!

More and more these days we are discovering how our bodies and brains are worn and damaged from our environment and activities. Be it pollution, devitalized foods, or the sports injuries that constitute a much more serious risk to our mental and emotional health. Even minor head trauma, such as heading a soccer ball, can cause damage to the small blood vessels in the brain, causing inflammation that eats up nutrients as the brain cells struggle to survive. Past traumatic events of any kind can leave the brain at a less-than-optimal state, struggling to keep up with daily demandsand starved for nutrition. EMPowerplus™ Q96 is the best possible insurance to protect our fragile brain circuitry from damage and degeneration, as it boosts the key neurochemicals that keep the brain cells firing.

EMPowerplus™ Q96 has a stellar reputation with regards to its ability to improve and stabilize moods and mental function, but don’t overlook its benefits to the rest of the body. Protecting the organs and tissues begins with the base of micronutrient sufficiency, and EMPowerplus™ Q96 fills the bill perfectly. It is simply not necessary to take huge doses of vitamins and minerals for best effect, and in fact too much of a good thing may be harmful. Balance and dosage are key. So how many EMPowerplus™ Q96 should you be taking? That depends on many factors, and ultimately we are all individual in our responses. Qssentials packs contain four EMPowerplus™ Q96 a day (2 AM, 2 PM) and this is an appropriate average dose for most people. If you have an ongoing mental or emotional condition and feel better taking higher doses, then go for it. Some take 10 -12 capsules a day or more, but others, even with a history of mental/emotional conditions such as moderate depression, can do well on 4-6 a day. The most important factor in determining dosage is how you feel, and gradually increasing the dose until you feel your best works well.

EMPowerplus™ Q96 combines well with almost all medications and health conditions. If you are taking an antidepressant or mood stabilizer, for example, you can continue to take them with your EMPowerplus™ Q96. As you respond to the balanced and chelated micronutrients you may want to taper off some or all of your meds, but you should always make that decision with the counsel of your prescribing doctor. Your doctor will need to know how you are feeling, as that will guide the decisions. It is usually best to taper off slowly, depending on the medication. If you are increasing your EMPowerplus™ Q96 dosage, do so slowly, a capsule at a time, so you can gauge how you feel on each dosage.

As I am writing this, I received this email from Dr. Bill, who is attending the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine conference in San Diego: “You are the only ones that could possibly be as excited as myself over what is happening today at the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine. A psychiatrist is presenting as part of his talk on pediatric mental health disorders the research on Empowerplus™ Q96!!” This is indeed wonderful news and it confirms the well-deserved and clinically sound reputation that EMPowerplus™ Q96 has achieved among many mental health practitioners. This entirely unsolicited vote of confidence for a nutritional supplement from a leading psychiatrist is completely unheard of, and very much appreciated.

We all have a bright future with Q Sciences’ products, and EMPowerplus™ Q96 is the solid foundation on which it all rests. Rest assured that EMPowerplus™ Q96 and all other Q Sciences products are intelligently designed to work together, and that we will  give you all the support necessary to achieve optimal nutritional health. Next month I will go into the QVitalize story—it’s a good one!

Yours Qssentially,

Dr Stephan Kimberley

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If you want to be a part of this great company or want to order Empowerplus Q96 please visit http://www.qhealthandwellness.com  If you want to be on Dr Kimberley newsletter please click here and fill out the form on the site

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Health and Wellness seminar LIVE on QTV

I hope each of you will  tune in to QTV Live on Saturday November 1st  http://www.qsciences.com/live 9am

Learn about Brain Health and the Science Behind Empowerplus Q96
llllTony Stephan will be speaking in Abbotsford, BC . as  part of his North American tour.

*Who do you know that is feeling run down or lacks energy?
*Who do you know that has a family member that feels despair and sadness?
*Who do you know that may have anger issues?
*Do you know anyone who is feeling a bit overwhelmed with life?
*Who do you know that is concerned about their health?

Also take a look at of our other speakers!!!

good debbie flyer nov 1 back

It is exciting to know that Q Sciences is the first company to have such technology, which allows us to communicate with the entire company on a regular basis.

Q Sciences has invested to make our technology the best and a stand out in our industry.  We are the one of the most technology advanced company in the industry.

Looking forward to talking with and answering any questions about Q Sciences or any of the speakers you heard.

Lisa Young Q Sciences IBO Contact me through my website


Meet Q Sciences Founder, CEO and President Daren Hogge.

Im so honored to know Daren and to be able to learn from him. Im hoping you will also want to learn about him and the integrity he brings to the Direct Sales industry and to Q Sciences every day!


Seeking wellness is the basis of the Science of Happiness. Daren Hogge, founder of Q Sciences believes that Q Sciences is raising the bar for the science standard of nutrition. .  In the past year and a half Q Sciences has exceeded all expectations for growth and market reach, touching thousands of lives with evidence-based products that support the ‘bodymind’s intelligence’ in its quest for wellness.

Meet Daren HoggeDARREN_HOGGE

In his 26 years in the network marketing industry, Daren Hogge has built a reputation as a dynamic leader with the ability to turn vision into reality. He began his career as a CPA for Arthur Andersen LLP, where he served as a financial consultant to one of the founding companies in the network marketing industry. The head of the company invited Daren to join the executive team as its Director of International Finance. Daren later went on to become President, during which time the company opened new international markets and more than tripled its distributor force.

In Daren’s subsequent executive roles for three additional network marketing companies, he oversaw record sales and international growth. As current President of the Direct Sales Management Association of Utah, Daren is one of the most respected executives in the industry. He came out of retirement to join Q Sciences because he truly believes the company’s products and opportunity must be shared with the world.

Want to learn more about Q Sciences and our CEO Daren Hogge? Message me directly or visit http://www.qhealthandwellness.com

At Q Sciences with Daren Hogge leading the way, we are doing the right things for the right reasons and changing lives everyday.

Looking forward to speaking with you and sharing all I know about Q Sciences and Daren Hogge.

Lisa Young Q Sciences IBO


We all need Vitamin D!

579050_1469820003243098_335688224_nNeed sunshine from the inside? Im sharing Vitamin D3 Sprays with all my Canadian and USA friends who are living in the winter dark!

QD3 is Inexpensive, tasty, super effective. You can get Vitamin D3 Retail $19.95 for a month’s supply! Or $14.95 if you become a preferred customer and yes becoming a preferred customer is FREE. Just put in an autoship order.buy it now good one


Key functions of vitamin D3:

  • Helps the body absorb calcium for normal bone formation and prevention of osteoporosis*
  • Supports metabolism functions*
  • Activates the immune system to function more aggressively against viral infections*
  • Supports maintaining a healthy body weight*
  • Reduces risk of rheumatoid arthritis in women*
  • May play a key role in helping brain functions later in life*

256QD3 contains 5000 IU of pharmaceutical grade vitamin D3 (150% DV) delivered in a fine spray mist for maximum absorption and efficacy.

  • Add some sunshine in your life with QD3.

Does your child have meltdowns and rage? Are you searching for answers ?

EMPowerplus Q96® providing essential nutrients for brain health in children and adults.  Gives a Daily Dose Of Clarity, Energy, Focus and Productivity
QSciences EMPowerplus Q96 Provides Essential Nutrients for Brain Health    buy it now good one
QSciences EMPowerplus Q96 Provides Essential Nutrients for Brain Health

When “AJ” was 5 years old and started acting out at school and at home, Suzy Owen’s world became one of never-ending doctor’s appointments, different diagnoses and frustration. For years he was prescribed multiple medications with little to no relief. Increased dosages led to unwanted side effects including weight gain and eventually to hospitalizations.

After desperately searching for safer options, she discovered the EMPowerplus Q96® supplement and discussed it with his physician.

AJ began taking the product on April 3, 2013 while being weaned off his other medications under the care of his doctor. Since late May of the same year he has been taking the supplement exclusively to manage his anger and other issues. Now 12, he is doing much better in school and at home.

“At one point I was being called by the school 2-4 times a week. We were worried that he was becoming a danger to himself and others. Within a day and a half on Q96® he felt a difference.”

Here is AJ’S STORY.

“Now we no longer have to walk on eggshells or worry about his rages,” says Owen, who is married and also has a 10 year old daughter. “We have a normal family life again.”

Owen became a distributor for the supplement after seeing the dramatic improvement in her son. And today makes it her mission to share what she knows WORKS!

According to its current manufacturer, QSciences, EMPowerplus Q96® was specifically formulated to provide essential nutrients to the brain and central nervous system. It works to promote mental well-being by providing a broad-based balanced supply of micronutrients needed for healthy brain function and development.

Owen adds that its “calming, coping and clarity” benefits are also due to a proprietary 96 hour dosage release which helps boost mood stability.

The Q96® formula has been examined in a variety of human conditions. The product holds the distinction of being the most researched micronutrient formula of its kind in the world, according to Q Sciences.

While many of Owen’s clients are adults successfully using the product for their own needs, she is especially touched by the feedback she receives from thankful parents.

According to Heather W., “Kevin seems so much happier and lighter … and he has had no meltdowns or rages in a long while. We are in a good spot now.” Chantell G. says, “Devon is still doing much better. He has his moments but they are much fewer and farther between. We are believers.”

Owen says, “When our brains our properly nourished we can think more clearly, maintain better focus, manage the stresses of life with more ease and really enjoy life again. There is help.”

For more information, call Suzy Owen (602) 684-1740, email suzyqhelp@gmail.com or visit www.suzyqhelp.com .

Do you want Calm,Clarity and Focus every Day? !

Q96_group1EMPowerplus Q96 buy it now good one

The Q foundation. Our headlining product provides CALM, COPING and CLARITY. This product is a proprietary formula for optimal mood stability and healthy brain function for an all around incredible you. Reading the research conducted at major universities would astound you; it would also take you thousands of hours that we’re betting you don’t have.  So here’s a great gist:

EMPowerplus Q96 delivers a well-balanced blend of 36 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to the brain in a safe and effective dose to boost mood stability, mental clarity, and optimal brain health and function in both children and adults.

EMPowerplus Q96 is specifically formulated to provide essential nutritional support to the brain and central nervous system. The results are simply life changing. In fact, it gives people their life back.


“I got my brain back. When I started taking EMPowerplus Q96, I would stay sharp the whole time and it was amazing. I loved how I felt. I stay present and focused.”

buy it now good one

Key benefits include:

Supports mood stability, improved cognition, and overall brain health and function

Unique 96-hour micronization and nano-chelation process increases bioavailability for maximum nutrient uptake in the brain

Backed by scientific studies conducted at major universities in four countries, as well as research published in peer-reviewed journals

Contains a well-balanced blend of 36 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids specially formulated for the brain and central nervous system.


Lisa Young Q Sciences IBO.


LDS Father Finds Natural Remedy for Mood Disorders

 llllTony Stephan – Formulator of EMPowerplus Q96 tells his story about losing his wife to suicide and the journey it sent him on to save his children from the devastating effects of Mental Illness. Now, 18 years later, his formulation EMPowerplus Q96 has reached millions across the globe through Q Sciences.

The latest Empowerplus Q96 testimony  Q96 Supplements Have Changed My Life!
I have struggled with anxiety and depression for the past 21 years. I never had a problem at all before having my first child. But after that its been a struggle ever since.
I was taking the highest dose of Prozac. 60 mg off and on for the past 12 years. Ive tried a lot of other prescriptions none of them worked. Ive tried lots of other natural herbs remedies and Essential oils. Including Eating healthy, tons of vitamins, exercise, getting sleep. And nothing has worked. Until now! I have never posted or talked about this because its embarrassing and you don’t want to be judged. But I feel so AMAZING that I don’t even care anymore what people think.
In fact it would be wrong for me to not share this if I can help someone else.
Q96 is all natural. It contains Micro nutrients. Micro nutrients are found in fruits and vegetables. Which most of us do not get enough of in our diet at all.

BEFORE: I slept all day pretty much. Id take my kids to school and come straight home and sleep from 8:30 to 2:45 when I pick them up again. Then Id want to sleep again. Sometimes I would if I didn’t need to run my kids here and there or help them with homework. I did not want to go anywhere or do anything at all. Taking a shower was a chore and then Id want to go right back to bed. I rarely did my hair and makeup. Which hasn’t changed much since high school anyway! HAHA! But seeming as Im not 20 anymore I want to do my hair and makeup to look and feel better, but It was too much of a chore.

I was lucky to get the dishes done in a timely manner. The house was always a mess. I never wanted to help with things at the kids school. Or even go to the grocery store. Any store for that matter.

EVERYTHING WAS HARD. Getting up and getting ready in the morning felt like I was told I had to move mountains or climb one for that matter. I was self conscious to be seen in public. Filling out forms for the kids school or paying bills, running any sort of errand at all.
I had absolutely no joy or excitement for life at all.


I knew something was out there. The more I researched and the more I learned, I kept coming to the same conclusion. Eating healthy and exercising.

But why wasn’t that working? Here is what Ive learned. We cannot possibly get all of the essential nutrients we need to function at our best for a number of reasons. Our fruits, grains and veggies are depleted of nutrients. We also have so many chemicals in the soil and in the foods we consume that it poisons us in a way that it inhibits our body from receiving the nutrients we receive. Also medications that we take can keep us from getting the nutrients we need.


I wake up early refreshed and ready to get all my chores done.
I have an amazing amount of energy to continue throughout the day til late into the evening.
Im happy and excited about life when I wake up in the morning. No more doom and gloom or feelings of anxiety. Where normally Id want to pull the covers over my head and hide. Instead I wake up excited to tackle the everyday chores that normally you would feel like that movie “Ground Hogs Day”.

I am excited about life in general and the smallest things make me happy. Like being excited to see someone or talk to them. I smile all throughout the day at the funny things my kids say or do even when normally you might be irritated or stressed cuz they made another mess. Its much easier to laugh at life.

I have lots of energy even after dinner to the point that I’ll go grocery shopping and be happy to do it. Normally Id go weeks to a month in between because it seemed so overwhelming and stressful.

I don’t hesitate to volunteer or help with things in the community, school or church. I enjoy getting out and taking my kids places. Which was pretty much non existent. And when I did I could not wait to get back home, put on my sweats and go back to sleep.

I’VE BEEN MAKING DINNER REGULARLY! AND CLEANING IT UP RIGHT AFTER! This product is no doubt a miracle and an answer to many years of prayers.There is sooo much more that I cant even list it all here. It would end up being a book if I did.

If you or someone you know is suffering in any way from lack of energy, nutrients, zest for life, depression, Bi-Polar, anxiety, mood swings or any other mental and physical struggles with life. I strongly encourage you to try this product.

I’d be happy to talk one on one with you in more detail and answer any questions you may have.

I am completely rid of Prozac all together. There is also a program in place with this product where they will help you wean yourself off of the medications you are taking. Do not do this without your doctors and the support of  EmpowerplusQ96, as it can be very dangerous to quit any medications cold turkey.

If you’d like to contact me personally, please send me a Message and Id be happy to give you my cell to talk one on one.

This truly has changed my life!

Here is my personal website address where you can research more fully Q96 and other products made by Q Sciences and place an order. http://leicha.myqxlife.com
Thank you,  Leicha

1012473_640892965966979_1569630139_nFor more information click here. If you are interested in purchasing the product click here.

Support Domestic Abuse Women’s Network (DAWN)

Domestic Abuse Women’s Network (DAWN) is an great organization and I hope everyone visits their website to learn more. http://dawnonline.org/ Started by two volunteers who were seeking services for a friend who was experiencing domestic violence, DAWN has grown over the past 32 years to provide a continuum of community- and shelter-based services to an estimated 388,000 survivors of domestic violence and their children Also see how Russell Wilson is teaming up and bringing awareness to Domestic Violence.

Alaska Airlines, in their Pass The Peace challenge supporting Chief Football Officer Russell Wilson, made a very special gift to DAWN. Thank you Alaska Airlines!!!

 Q Sciences is also in the Fight Against  Domestic Violence.

Marc Wilson Founder and Executive Managing Director ~Q Sciences started with the idea that if we did the right things for the right reasons, we could truly make a positive difference in people’s lives.  But our ‘right reason’ idea is IN ACTION and IT WILL dramatically change lives for the better.

You may notice an abundance purple this time of year. That’s because October is  domestic violence awareness month.. In an effort to do our part and contribute to this worthy cause, Q Sciences has produced a special purple label for EMPowerplus™ Q96. During the month of October when you purchase a specially-designed EMPowerplus™ Q96 for just $24.95 – Q Sciences will donate it to a local charity.

Call IBO Success  (385) 374-6400 to place your order today!

MUST Use my name Lisa Young and this number 10256

1467219_10203684301162380_159545803906432916_nPurple EMPowerplus™ Q96 – $24.95, (Call IBO Success to donate)

Purple EMPowerplus™ Q96 – $49.95, 40 PV (SKU Q9615)

To learn more about the Q Sciences Health and Wellness products visit http://www.qhealthandwellness.com

All research on the Empowerplus Q96 is in the Research file above.

Looking forward to helping as many as I can.

What is Empowerplus Q96

EmpowerPlusQ96 ® holds the distinction as the most researched micronutrient formula ever.
Published Clinical Studies Include:
Brain Injuries
Anxiety and Panic
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Mental Clarity

Lisa Young Q Sciences IBO My goal is to have enough donations of the Empowerplus Q96 to give to each and every women and child within the DAWN network.

How Robin William’s suicide has been saving lives.

  10576995_677045839039973_6573438906890037683_nThat horrible day we all remember when the news of Robin Williams death was heard around the world. In a strange way it connected us and for those that knew his suffering and were desperate to not go to his extreme were reaching out and praying for an answer, I saw this lady’s post and reached out to share what I know to help. I did not want it to be a well kept secret when so many are struggling.

This is her story in her words and today she is doing great and sharing the message I shared with her that horrible day when so many were grieving.

Dearest Lisa, I am so glad that you found me!

For others here, Lisa saw me on a page talking about how Robin William’s suicide was affecting me. She saw me write that my husband had committed suicide after being diagnosed with emphysema. When I tried to stop him, this man who was suffering so, wanted to die so badly, that he tried to strangle me to stop me from calling 911. I had been suffering with depression since childhood and on ant-depressants for decades. They helped some but it was still so terribly difficult. When he stopped trying to strangle me, he ran to a closet and pulled out a gun. I ran toward him and I was about a foot away from him when he put the gun in his mouth and fired. I was diagnosed with PTSD on top of my clinical depression and had to retire on my union’s disability.

I met a wonderful man about a year later and he has been my partner ever since. He knew what I had been through and he was God’s gift to me along with my amazing daughter. My life became better but the depression was always in the background and it was a daily battle. When Lisa contacted me, I was at first very unsure about how a supplement could help me! I was already taking vitamins, herbs, minerals, raw veggie juices and Lexapro. I am a special education teacher so my background in Psychology and my desperate lifetime search for help, left me totally impressed as I read the clinical studies!

I had the “Q” overnighted. By my second dose I couldn’t believe the change. The anxiety and depression were already starting to diminish and I was filled with energy! I felt great! I had worked it out that I knew that in my case I needed 6 a day. I realized I was running out and called so that I could have 2 bottles a month delivered. I should have had it overnighted again because it takes between 5-7 business days and then on auto-ship it comes in time. I didn’t realize. I have been off of it for a week now and I’m back to where I started, but now I await it’s delivery today. If Lisa would not have reached out, I would never have found this amazing product. Lisa went above and beyond to try to find distributors near me in NYC over this past weekend. She went SO out of her way but there was nobody any closer than 8-10 hours a day. I want you all to know how amazing this product is!

My partner, my daughter and even my therapist was amazed at the change in me. It’s been terrible to be off of it but still, I knew that now I had the answer. Q 96 is a miracle! I highly recommend this product. I was not asked or paid to write this. I am not a distributor. From the bottom of my heart I want others to experience the wonder of this product!!!

God Bless you Lisa and all of you!

If anyone reading this wants to learn more please visit my website http://www.helpwithq.com or send me a message. Find me on FB http://www.facebook.com/thehopechest.

My name is Lisa Young Im and IBO of Q Sciences and I suffered from PTSD, Anxiety and Stress.Today Im doing wonderful and life is great!