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For all those that are in the military that have served in the military and those that support the military. Calling all Veterans and their families who suffer from PTSD  or just have stress and want to feel better.


Q Sciences product Empowerplus Q96 has the research to prove Empowerplus Q96 is helping those with PTSD find hope and relief.


You can order for yourself on our website  As a preferred customer the cost is $49.95  When you order to donate a bottle of Empowerplus Q96 to give to our Military through the month of July the cost is only  $24.95 ..

We’re getting closer to reaching our goal but we’re going to need your help to make a big push before the end of July! Help us turn appreciation for the brave young men and women serving in the military into action by helping Q Sciences in donating 100 bottles of EMPowerplus™ Q96 to members of the military through The Green Project.

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For just $24.95 , you can donate Q Sciences’ flagship product to the young men and women serving in the military. Donating to the Green Project is easy, you can simply add The Green Project donation to your next online order (SKU Q9611) or call IBO Success. 385) 374-6400 Let them know Lisa Young sent you and give the IBO number 10256.

Together we can make a difference.

Lisa Young Q Sciences IBO. THANKFUL for all the freedoms I have today ~

A recent study published in the Journal of Human Psychopharmacology identifies micronutrients as a viable treatment for those suffering emotional instability following a disaster. The study, performed by Dr. Julia Rucklidge and her team of researchers at the University of Canterbury in Chistchurch, New Zealand, investigated whether micronutrients given following the Chritschurch earthquakes continued to confer benefits one year following the treatment. “This research reaffirms that EMPowerplus™ Q96 is an effective micronutrient supplement that is helping people improve their lives,” said Daren Hogge, Founder, President, and CEO of Q Sciences. “Additionally, the safety profile of the product has been researched extensively and has been proven to be safe in use over the past 18 years.”



Do you want to smile again?

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Q Sciences opens Korea!

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Thanks for taking the time to learn more about Q Sciences! Below you will find an overview of the company, products and opportunity.

Health & Wellness

What’s more, wellness products are currently the fastest growing market in direct sales. While personal care, beauty and home products declined from 2008-2012, wellness products grew and continue to do so. (Source: Direct Selling Association)

Likewise, vitamins, minerals and supplements represent one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, with $32 billion in revenue for supplements alone in 2012. This is expected to double to over $60 billion by 2021. (Source: Nutritional Business Journal, 2013)

Q Sciences is the first company to address a new wellness market not yet tapped by direct sales: brain and mood health. People are actively searching for healthy alternatives to help them manage stress, feel happier, and be their best selves. Q Sciences fills that need.

Q Sciences is perfectly positioned to grow in the right industry and the right arena. Why wouldn’t you want to be part of this revenue and growth? It will happen either way, but Q Sciences allows you to claim a piece of it for yourself. Your timing couldn’t be better

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