Arthritis relief ~Bounce your way to a pain free life.

The following information is just my personal opinion and thoughts on the topic of arthritis and how rebounding on a Cellerciser may help.

I have arthritis in my knees and hips and all to well know the pain. BUT after jumping on my cellerciser the pain is not nearly as bad and helps relieve the swelling and joint pain. I feel so great I now sell them through Q Sciences .. If you want to learn more or visit my site to purchase a cellerciser visit MY WEBSITE   Lisa Young Q Sciences IBO….banner-who-uses

The Cellerciser has a very low impact bounce due to the way the springs are designed. The deceleration is more gradual than any other rebounder I’ve ever experienced. This means that there is far less jarring at the bottom of the bounce. People with arthritis need to exercise (just like everyone else) to reduce the symptoms/pain of arthritis. Arthritis is primarily a disease of inflammation so it is important to take steps towards fighting that inflammation. The movement of the joint will press out the old fluid so that new fluid can replace it. This lets new white blood cells come in to reach the infected area and fight inflammation. Now the lymphatic system can get rid of the toxins and slow the progression of disease.

With that in mind, you should start out light and easy and not do anything overly strenuous that might cause injury. Perhaps even start with just a light health bounce and see how that goes for 5 – 10 minutes per day for a few weeks so your body can adjust to the new movement. After that, marching might be a good next step then perhaps progressing up to jumping jacks. Getting the lymphatic system flowing is important, especially for folks with arthritis. As far as I know, there’s no better, safer, faster, or more effective way to do that than Cellercise.

In addition to exercise, there are some excellent dietary tips that can help with arthritis. One of the most effective supplements to take is Q Omega.eng

Q Omega is more effective than traditional fish oil and tends not to have the fishy after taste or burping side-effect. Q Omega has many anti-inflammatory benefits that can dramatically help with arthritis. I personally take Q Omega every day. Other benefits of Q Omega include improving memory, attention span, vision, and even protecting from sun burn. All this is to say that Cellercising and Q Omega may both be helpful in fighting arthritis.

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Are you ready to live the Q life? Q Sciences

Is your life purposeful?  Do you feel fulfilled?  Heck, are you just happy?

Q Sciences started with the idea that if we did the right things for the right reasons, we could truly make a positive difference in people’s lives.  But our ‘right reason’ idea is IN ACTION and IT WILL dramatically change lives for the better.

This guiding principle has gotten Q Sciences where we are today and elevates us to where we want (and will be) tomorrow. And, most importantly, it will help people everywhere Live Life eXponentially!

When you join Q Sciences, you are joining a group of like minded people, many of whom will become life long friends.  These friends are on a journey not unlike your own—finding ways to improve their Happiness Quotient™  and making acquaintances and friendships along the way.

You will also be part of team that is committed to your long-term success.

Together you will laugh, smile, cry, and celebrate.  You will journey to exotic locations together, and find success in helping others to do the same.



Reach your goals. Enjoy financial freedom.  Create a residual income.  These are all possible with Q Sciences.  In fact, creating opportunity and helping others to do the same is a big part of our story.

Happiness comes as a result of hard work and a sense of accomplishment.

With Q Sciences, you’ve got a team of leaders, a corporate staff, and a sense of commitment to help you along the way.


We are Brain Sexy!

We are Living the Q Life!

Others are living the Q Life—why not you?

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Change your financial life ~ Q Sciences with Lisa Young


Thanks for taking the time to learn more about Q Sciences! Below you will find an overview of the company, products and opportunity.

Health & Wellness

Wellness products are currently the fastest growing market in direct sales. While personal care, beauty and home products declined from 2008-2012, wellness products grew and continue to do so. (Source: Direct Selling Association)

Likewise, vitamins, minerals and supplements represent one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, with $32 billion in revenue for supplements alone in 2012. This is expected to double to over $60 billion by 2021. (Source: Nutritional Business Journal, 2013)

Q Sciences is the first company to address a new wellness market not yet tapped by direct sales: brain and mood health. People are actively searching for healthy alternatives to help them manage stress, feel happier, and be their best selves. Q Sciences fills that need.

Q Sciences is perfectly positioned to grow in the right industry and the right arena. Why wouldn’t you want to be part of this revenue and growth? It will happen either way, but Q Sciences allows you to claim a piece of it for yourself. Your timing couldn’t be better

Claim your place in the health and wellness industry.

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We’ve all heard bad stories about network marketing‐stories about products that are little more than hyped-up snake oil, or garages full of unused products that no one wants to use…let alone buy!

Think about what would it be like to sell a product that actually works…that people want to use and order bottle after bottle of, month after month…and that has already been proven to sell outside the direct sales market, with 18 years worth of proof to back it up.

This is where Q Sciences is a first in the industry: it offers exclusive worldwide distribution rights to a flagship product that has already worked in the retail channel for 18 years, selling 5+ million bottles‐even with absolutely no direct sales opportunity attached.

For many network marketers, this is considered the “holy grail” of networking opportunities…something that networkers only dream could happen.

What’s more, Q Sciences’ flagship product, EMPowerplus Q96, is validated by more independent research than any product in this industry…and than any micronutrient supplement for brain health, ever. Studies show that EMPowerplus Q96 helps improve brain health and mood in people in a variety conditions.

All research has been conducted independently, with no money from Q Sciences.

Because Q Sciences’ products have an unprecedented amount of research and scientific validation, our IBOs never feel like they’re “pushing” products that they don’t believe in, or that don’t really work. And their customers purchase them month after month.


With Q Sciences, you:

  • Get paid every Friday
  • Grow your income as your team & customers grow
  • Build a stream of residual income for yourself now and in the future
  • Earn free products for yourself and your family
  • Receive special perks like free vacations and access to car allowances and a debt reduction program when you reach certain ranks

Sharing the Science of Happiness

How fun would it be to help people feel happier and healthier…and get paid for it? That’s what Q Sciences is all about!

In addition to our flagship product EMPowerplus Q96, Q Sciences’ product line addresses every aspect of health and happiness, from brain health and nutrition to energy, healthy sleep and exercise.


Looking forward to speaking with you,

Lisa Young Q Sciences IBO