EMPowerplus Q96 Success Stories~ No more suffering!

To anyone reading this that wants to learn more and start your Empowerplus Q96 for yourself or someone you love NOW is the time to see if Empowerplus Q96 works for you. You wont know until you try.

I feel sharing with you is my Moral Obligation..  Please visit www.helpwithq.com and give yourself the gift of health happiness and HOPE.


EMPowerplus Q96 Success Stories

Richard W. ~ We gave R. Q96 because of his PDST (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

These are his very dramatic improvements!  For one person to have such dramatic improvements just reinforces, once again, that given the right nutrients, the body can so dramatically do what it does best~~heal itself!

*R. was seeing his Opthamologist because of “floaters”and to get his eyes checked.  The Dr. said there’s nothing that the medical world can do for floaters.  Before too long, after starting Q96, Richard was having improvement with that problem and the Dr. was really amazed.

*The correction for his glasses had been 225 in one eye and 250 in the other eye.  And bifocals.  Now, his vision has corrected to 125 in both eyes and no bifocals.  His Doctor is going to check him very soon so he can keep a sharp eye on what he thinks is very dramatic and unusual improvements.

*Because of PTSD, R. has been on anti-depression meds.  At his last appointment, he told his counselor that he no longer needed those prescriptions!  Since, Q96, depression has diminished to that point!

*R. has had pain so severe that he has been on pain medication.  With the addition of Q96, he has been able to drop the pain meds!

*Weight loss~~Altogether, BRAVO Richard !!!


HOPE is here!

HOPE is here!

You may have already read Elisabeth’s story about her son, Logan….the update is below

Elisabeth M. ~ We, like many parents of a child who couldn’t sit still, stay on task, disrupted his class, were desperate for an answer.  Only a desperate parent would put their child on drugs.  In desperation we took Logan to the doctor and he was put on 10 mg of Adderall, a powerful amphetamine.   We went from hearing “I know he’s smart, but he won’t do his work so I can’t prove it.” to “He’s a year ahead in math and reading!”  He would actually finish sentences when he was talking to us (instead of getting distracted right in the middle of it) he would finish his homework, even remember that he had homework! It was so exciting for us! It was our son, only better!  Of course, there were some drawbacks.  It made him so sick to his stomach that he could rarely eat anything at all.  Try force feeding a 9 year old! So now the doctor prescribed another medicine to help increase his appetite.

My son has allergies and asthma so he was now taking four different medications! He developed what we in our family refer to as crazy eyes. It wasg a weird tic where he would open his eyes really wide and then blink a few times.  So then I had an over-medicated, underfed, sleep deprived nine year old with a tic…and there’s nothing I can do about it. I take him off his medicine every summer to give his poor body a break and a chance to put on some weight to last through the school year, but I hate the fact that he’s so young and has to deal with so much.

Enter Q96! My mother in law found out about Q96 and said we HAD to try it.  Since his Adderall was nown at 15 mg and that was not acceptable to me so I decided to give it a try. I started giving him his Q96 and on day 5 I asked him how he felt. His answer was “I feel happy.”  I almost started bawling right there at the bus stop. So simple. So amazing!

So far we are down to half his dosage of Adderall and no appetite increasing drugs. My nine year old is now a less medicated, well fed, nutrient rich, HAPPY boy. And, information gets to his brain faster (his words).   I can’t put a price on that, but luckily the Q Sciences did and chose a price that even I can afford!  J

Elisabeth M. ~ Update on Logan He is happier and more affectionate. His Aunt Shannon said last week at church he ran up to her, hugged her, and said, ‘Hi, Aunt Shannon! I’m so glad to see you!’ She said that is the first time he has EVER hugged her.

Logan is NOT impressed with having to take four pills at a time but I asked him if he would rather go back to his Adderall. He picked up his water and started swallowing:) Now it comes in a powder!

On his Adderall Logan felt different. He couldn’t really explain it but he didn’t like it. With his Q96 he says he just feels normal…like himself. Happy! We notice a difference and it feels like the RIGHT thing to do!

Roger D. ~ I have a son who is ADHD and his wife is Bipolar. They have a daughter who is 3  and those issues have manifested in my granddaughter and she is displaying inherent behavior. Her moods are erratic, and she has frequent melt downs and has a hard time being still.  I heard about how Q96 was helping people with those types of issues, so I had her try it.  We give her one capsule a day in her milk and are very pleased with the results!  She is much more calm, the mood swings dramatically decreased and for the first time she will actually sit and cuddle!  We are very happy about that!

My elderly mother is getting forgetful and has a hard time remembering things and staying focused.  I gave her some Q96 to try and my Dad calls every week or so and tells me how much better my mom is doing.  Q96 is improving the quality of both of their lives because of it!


Help is here with Empowerplus Q96.

Help is here with Empowerplus Q96.

Looking forward to hearing your Empowerplus Q96 story..


Lisa Young  Q Sciences IBO Silver Elite www.helpwithq.com

Any Questions head to my website or email me lisayoung@myqxlife.com






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