Q Sciences Adds QSprays Oral Spray Supplements to Existing Product Line

Q Sciences Adds QSprays Oral Spray Supplements to Existing Product Line

Four new products added to deliver key vitamins and nutrients using advanced spray technology

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   PRLog (Press Release)Sep. 26, 2013PLEASANT GROVE, UtahQ Sciences today announced the addition of QSprays, a new product offering that delivers quality vitamins and ingredients in an innovative analgesic spray delivery system. The four formulas acquired are backed by years of research and work in tandem with Q Sciences’ existing products.

Q Sciences has added the following four products under the QSprays product category:
QD3: Contains 5000 IU of pharmaceutical grade vitamin D3, which is essential for bodily function but deficient in an estimated 77% of Americans. Limited exposure to sunlight, sunscreen use, and climate changes have dramatically reduced vitamin D3 levels to below what most people need to be healthy.

QSleep: A natural, non-habit forming sleep aid containing a gentle dose of melatonin and a proprietary blend of herbs and 5-HTP. This spray is rapidly absorbed into the body so users not only fall asleep quickly but rest well through the night.

QBoost: Improves cell metabolism and aids in weight management through a blend of garcinia cambogia extract, coenzyme Q10, and other important ingredients. Garcinia cambogia extract contains Hydrosyscitric Acid, a natural appetite suppressant that helps the body regulate fats and sugars. Although not a stimulant, QBoost is the perfect supplement to increase metabolism and motivate people to get up and start exercising.

QB12: Contains vitamin B12, a water-soluble vitamin required for proper neurological function and blood cell formation. Vitamin B12 also aids in energy production in the body and decreases lethargy and fatigue. Many people have a hard time digesting B12 in a pill form, so an oral spray provides a one-two punch to ensure adequate levels of B12.

QSprays employ an advanced spray technology that offers rapid results, as they are highly permeable and readily absorbed in the oral mucosal cavity. Product formulator Dr. Clive Spray, PhD, has a doctorate in organic chemistry from the University of Bath, U.K., and over 17 years of experience in developing and manufacturing analgesic vitamin products.

“It’s a great privilege to work with Q Sciences, as they have the foresight to understand the importance of capsule and liquid supplements. I am looking forward to the results that will come as we combine our sprays with the current lineup of Q products,” said Dr. Spray.

Dr. Kimberley, Q Sciences’ Chief Science Officer, stated, “Our current product line is a great line, and bringing in these select sprays ensures that our Independent Business Owners and customers are going to get the absolute best, most comprehensive program out there. I could not be happier with the delivery mechanism of these sprays and the sprays that we have chosen to introduce.”

In addition to four new full-size products, two QSprays–QSleep and QB12–are available in a 7-day sample size.

About Q Sciences

Q Sciences is a Utah-based wellness company dedicated to improving the lives of its customers, Independent Business Owners, and employees. Q Sciences provides innovative products based on the most advanced science and technology. For more information, visit www.helpwithq.com

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We all need Q D3!

We all need Q D3!


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Help is here with Empowerplus Q96.

Help is here with Empowerplus Q96.

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EMPowerplus Q96 Success Stories~ No more suffering!

To anyone reading this that wants to learn more and start your Empowerplus Q96 for yourself or someone you love NOW is the time to see if Empowerplus Q96 works for you. You wont know until you try.

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EMPowerplus Q96 Success Stories

Richard W. ~ We gave R. Q96 because of his PDST (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

These are his very dramatic improvements!  For one person to have such dramatic improvements just reinforces, once again, that given the right nutrients, the body can so dramatically do what it does best~~heal itself!

*R. was seeing his Opthamologist because of “floaters”and to get his eyes checked.  The Dr. said there’s nothing that the medical world can do for floaters.  Before too long, after starting Q96, Richard was having improvement with that problem and the Dr. was really amazed.

*The correction for his glasses had been 225 in one eye and 250 in the other eye.  And bifocals.  Now, his vision has corrected to 125 in both eyes and no bifocals.  His Doctor is going to check him very soon so he can keep a sharp eye on what he thinks is very dramatic and unusual improvements.

*Because of PTSD, R. has been on anti-depression meds.  At his last appointment, he told his counselor that he no longer needed those prescriptions!  Since, Q96, depression has diminished to that point!

*R. has had pain so severe that he has been on pain medication.  With the addition of Q96, he has been able to drop the pain meds!

*Weight loss~~Altogether, BRAVO Richard !!!


HOPE is here!

HOPE is here!

You may have already read Elisabeth’s story about her son, Logan….the update is below

Elisabeth M. ~ We, like many parents of a child who couldn’t sit still, stay on task, disrupted his class, were desperate for an answer.  Only a desperate parent would put their child on drugs.  In desperation we took Logan to the doctor and he was put on 10 mg of Adderall, a powerful amphetamine.   We went from hearing “I know he’s smart, but he won’t do his work so I can’t prove it.” to “He’s a year ahead in math and reading!”  He would actually finish sentences when he was talking to us (instead of getting distracted right in the middle of it) he would finish his homework, even remember that he had homework! It was so exciting for us! It was our son, only better!  Of course, there were some drawbacks.  It made him so sick to his stomach that he could rarely eat anything at all.  Try force feeding a 9 year old! So now the doctor prescribed another medicine to help increase his appetite.

My son has allergies and asthma so he was now taking four different medications! He developed what we in our family refer to as crazy eyes. It wasg a weird tic where he would open his eyes really wide and then blink a few times.  So then I had an over-medicated, underfed, sleep deprived nine year old with a tic…and there’s nothing I can do about it. I take him off his medicine every summer to give his poor body a break and a chance to put on some weight to last through the school year, but I hate the fact that he’s so young and has to deal with so much.

Enter Q96! My mother in law found out about Q96 and said we HAD to try it.  Since his Adderall was nown at 15 mg and that was not acceptable to me so I decided to give it a try. I started giving him his Q96 and on day 5 I asked him how he felt. His answer was “I feel happy.”  I almost started bawling right there at the bus stop. So simple. So amazing!

So far we are down to half his dosage of Adderall and no appetite increasing drugs. My nine year old is now a less medicated, well fed, nutrient rich, HAPPY boy. And, information gets to his brain faster (his words).   I can’t put a price on that, but luckily the Q Sciences did and chose a price that even I can afford!  J

Elisabeth M. ~ Update on Logan He is happier and more affectionate. His Aunt Shannon said last week at church he ran up to her, hugged her, and said, ‘Hi, Aunt Shannon! I’m so glad to see you!’ She said that is the first time he has EVER hugged her.

Logan is NOT impressed with having to take four pills at a time but I asked him if he would rather go back to his Adderall. He picked up his water and started swallowing:) Now it comes in a powder!

On his Adderall Logan felt different. He couldn’t really explain it but he didn’t like it. With his Q96 he says he just feels normal…like himself. Happy! We notice a difference and it feels like the RIGHT thing to do!

Roger D. ~ I have a son who is ADHD and his wife is Bipolar. They have a daughter who is 3  and those issues have manifested in my granddaughter and she is displaying inherent behavior. Her moods are erratic, and she has frequent melt downs and has a hard time being still.  I heard about how Q96 was helping people with those types of issues, so I had her try it.  We give her one capsule a day in her milk and are very pleased with the results!  She is much more calm, the mood swings dramatically decreased and for the first time she will actually sit and cuddle!  We are very happy about that!

My elderly mother is getting forgetful and has a hard time remembering things and staying focused.  I gave her some Q96 to try and my Dad calls every week or so and tells me how much better my mom is doing.  Q96 is improving the quality of both of their lives because of it!


Help is here with Empowerplus Q96.

Help is here with Empowerplus Q96.

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How Q96 helped Piper a 2 year old with Autism. HOPE is here!

This is a very touching story about a 2-year old with Autism ( Piper  )and EMPowerplus Q96

Baby Piper

Baby Piper

Doug: Erika has shared her experience with Q96 on our granddaughter, Piper. So thankful for this product – it is not just for people with mood disorders or who are on the spectrum – it helps everyone! Erika: I wanted to share my experience with Q96 since we started my daughter on this vitamin/mineral supplement at the age of 2.

Our daughter Piper was always an eager child. She came in to the world earlier than expected weighing only 3lbs 10oz. Her delivery was nothing short of traumatic, as a doctor called an emergency Caesarean which by the time they rushed me to the surgical theatre and opened me up, Pipers head and shoulder had already passed through my cervix. Given that I was already opened at the stomach, they had to push her all the way back up and deliver her through my abdomen.

This very small bundle of joy was black and blue due to the pressure of someone’s hand pushing her back up. And the blood vessels in both her eyes had been busted and were bright red.

My husband and I were always worried that something may have happened due to the trauma of her delivery however, she started hitting her milestones like trying to talk, crawling, walking, and certain motor-skills. From a doctors perspective at her 12 month check up Piper was developing fine. She had even started to copy a bit

. I noticed from 12 months to 24 months Piper hadn’t hit any more milestones and it was as if she had started to regress. She was no longer talking, it seemed she was constantly ignoring me when I would speak to her, she walked on her tiptoes, played alone, didn’t interact with other children, was only interested in toys that made noise, or objects like sticks and balls, she started to have extreme tantrums in any park or new place we’d take her to. We found ourselves becoming prisoners of our own home for fear she would hurt herself during a tantrum when in public

. At her 2nd birthday I met some of my other friends who also had 2 year old children and realized that Piper was very far behind in her motor skills, her speech, her interaction etc. At this point I went to find an answer and read about Autism. Many people (even doctors) told us that children develop differently and that I shouldn’t be so concerned. However, as a mother, I think our instinct knows when something isn’t right

. I took Piper to a specialist and he observed her for 2 hours and the conclusion was that he believed Piper to be on the Autistic Spectrum, he also pointed out the most hurtful thing which was that Piper didn’t make genuine eye contact with me, that she only looked through me. Then demonstrated with another 2 year old how Piper should be looking at me. I was devastated that my intuition was correct, and because I didn’t know much about Autism I was scared for her.

My father had been working with Q Sciences as he’s always been passionate about minerals and vitamins and has always believe that with proper nutrients the body has the ability to repair itself. My dad started sending me bottles of Q96 to try with Piper. We started with 1 capsule in the morning (mixed in yogurt) and another capsule at lunch time (mixed in yogurt or chocolate pudding) we didn’t really notice much improvement until about the 6 week mark when we had raised her to 2 capsules in the morning and 2 in the afternoon (both mixed in a yogurt substance)

We are now about 3 months in to using Q96 and here are some of the amazing results we’ve seen

  • . • Piper’s toe walking has reduced.
  • • Her tantrums have drastically reduced
  • •She grabs my face to look me in the eye
  • • She is affectionate and kisses and hugs us
  • • She will request things instead of screaming
  • • Textures like Grass and Sand doesn’t bother her anymore
  • • She is more tolerant of different sounds and noises that used to send her out of control (ie: baby crying)
  • • She doesn’t get frustrated as much since she’s more able to express herself
  • • She is interacting with other children. Joining them when they play – even trying to talk to them
  • • In unfamiliar places her anxiety seems to be much better. We even enjoyed the park together the other weekend. Something we’ve never been able to do.

 MOST EXCITING of it all is that Piper is starting to speak! We hear her beautiful voice trying to say words. Just to hear “Mama or Dada” will brighten your heart

. This morning was the first time we’ve seen her point and read a picture book on her own.

During our phase of trialing Q96 I was a skeptic. I think my husband and I both were and I thought that perhaps everything we were experiencing she was doing on her own and it had nothing to do with the supplement. So, without telling anyone I stopped giving it to Piper for 7 days to see what would happen. After the 3rd day her tantrums increased and she became very difficult to control when she would have her episodes. Our Nanny said “Gosh, I don’t know what is wrong with Piper this week she has been so difficult and unsettled” I said to her “I haven’t had Piper on that Q96 for about a week” She said “PUT HER BACK ON NOW! Oh my gosh!This stuff really is working”.

Since then we’ve made sure that Piper hasn’t missed a dose and people in the autism community where we live are wondering what therapy we’re doing with her. When I tell them it’s mainly a supplement to feed her brain with the necessary nutrients it needs they are shocked! Q96 hasn’t only helped our family – its saving my daughter so she can lead a normal functioning life.

If anyone would like to reach out to me directly please do – I’m a Q96 Believer. (I’m even taking the woman’s pack to help with stress and coping with anxiety – also been amazing)

PS: This may not seem like much to many people but seeing her change and learn or do something new every day is amazing because she didn’t change for over a year or learn anything new. Especially for a little girl we were told would probably never verbally communicate with us.

Kind Regards, Erika Harvey

Such an amazing testimony of how Empowerplus Q96 is working and changing lives. I feel it is my obligation to share this with the world and let all know there is help and hope with Empowerplus Q96.

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A proprietary formula for enhanced mood and brain function
EMPowerplus Q96 contains a balanced blend of 36 essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids in optimum ratios for optimal brain function, mental clarity and enhanced mood in both children and adults.
An all-natural formula, EMPowerplus Q96 is the most researched micronutrient supplement in the world, and is unlike any other vitamin or mineral formula on the market, due to its proprietary formulation and technology.
The formula’s power comes from using only the highest quality nutrients, the correct dosage of individual ingredients, and the precise combinations of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that interact to enhance potency and effectiveness. A proprietary 96-hour nano-chelation and micronization process dramatically increases the bioavailability of micronutrients for maximum uptake in the brain.
Available EMPowerplus Q96 Products:
  • EMPowerplus Q96 Capsules (or vegan formulation tablets)
  • EMPowerplus Q96 Sample Box
  • EMPowerplus Q96 Berries & Banana (powder formula)


Vitamin D deficiency can be harmful — in fact, there are real benefits to increasing your Vitamin D. We have it in a Spray!

We all need Q D3!

We all need Q D3!

Vitamin D deficiency can be harmful — in fact, there are real benefits to increasing your Vitamin D.

Vitamin D like C and E continue to be the darlings of many supplement lovers. But those vitamin superstars are being forced to share their throne with the long neglected vitamin D, which is finally getting the attention it may have always deserved.

No doubt, you’re probably familiar with the role of vitamin D in promoting healthy bones, largely by promoting the absorption of calcium. “If you have a vitamin D deficiency, particularly in your older years, it can lead to osteoporosis or osteomalacia [bone softening],” says Lona Sandon, RD, assistant professor of clinical nutrition at the University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas.

But there is recent and mounting evidence that links low levels of the vitamin to an increased risk of type 1 diabetes, muscle and bone pain, and, perhaps more serious, cancers of the breast, colon, prostate, ovaries, esophagus, and lymphatic system.

If you want to lower your blood pressure, vitamin D may be just what the doctor ordered. If you’re trying to reduce your risk of diabetes, or lower your chances of heart attacks, rheumatoid arthritis, or multiple sclerosis, then vitamin D should be at the front of the line in your daily supplement regimen.

D-fense for Your Health

As the research into vitamin D is accumulating, it’s hard to know where the accolades should start. “Activated vitamin D is one of the most potent inhibitors of cancer cell growth,” says Michael F. Holick, PhD, MD, who heads the Vitamin D, Skin, and Bone Research Laboratory at Boston University School of Medicine. “It also stimulates your pancreas to make insulin. It regulates your immune system.”

Just consider these recent studies:

  • At Boston University, after people with high blood pressure were exposed to UVA and UVB rays for three months, their vitamin D levels increased by more than 100% — and more impressively, their high blood pressure normalized. “We’ve followed them now for nine months, and their hypertension continues to be in remission,” says Holick, professor of medicine, physiology and biophysics at Boston University. One theory about how vitamin D reduces blood pressure: It decreases the production of a hormone called renin, which is believed to play a role in hypertension.
  • In a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in December 2003, of more than 3,000 veterans (ages 50 to 75) at 13 Veterans Affairs medical centers, those who consumed more than 645 IU of vitamin D a day along with more than 4 grams per day of cereal fiber had a 40% reduction in their risk of developing precancerous colon polyps.
  • In a report in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society in February 2004, researchers at the University of Basel in Switzerland showed that elderly women who took a vitamin D supplement plus calcium for three months reduced their risk of falling by 49% compared with consuming calcium alone. Those women who had fallen repeatedly in the past seemed to gain the most benefit from vitamin D.
  • A study in the Jan. 13, 2004 issue of Neurology indicated that women who get doses of vitamin D that are typically found in daily multivitamin supplements — of at least 400 international units — are 40% less likely to develop multiple sclerosis compared with those not taking over-the-counter supplements.

Many vitamin D researchers are convinced the government’s recommendations for adequate vitamin D intake are far below what your body really needs. Those guidelines call for 200 IU a day up to the age of 50, 400 IU from 51 to 70, and 600 IU over age 70.

But, says Holick, studies show that to achieve blood levels of vitamin D that can protect you against chronic diseases, you need an optimal dose of 1,000 IU of vitamin D a day. The vitamin is well absorbed from foods like fortified milk and from vitamin pills, whether taken alone or in combination with other foods.

So how can you get enough of this overlooked vitamin? Most foods aren’t filled to the brim with vitamin D — far from it. You can get 425 IU in a 3-ounce serving of salmon, and 270 IU in 3.5 ounces of canned sardines. But most foods provide much more modest amounts of vitamin D, from egg yolks (25 IU per egg) to cheddar cheese (2.8 IU per ounce).

“You’ll get 200 IUs of vitamin D by drinking two glasses of fortified milk,” says Sandon, spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association. But at age 70, even reaching the government’s recommended level of 600 IU from diet alone can be a challenge. “These people are probably not drinking six glasses of milk a day for various reasons, including a higher incidence of lactose intolerance in the elderly,” she tells WebMD.

“We need more food fortification [with] vitamin D,” says Susan Sullivan, DSc, RD, assistant professor in the department of food science and human nutrition at the University of Maine. “We need to make it easier for people to meet their vitamin D requirements through the food supply.”

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Dr K and Dr Spray