What If?

I vow to always share what I know if it will help others,  One of the worst days of my life

January of this year I was shopping and ran into a woman I had known socially and had not seen in a few months I asked how she was doing and with a sad smile said Im good.  Asked what I had been doing and I said Q Sciences and went on to tell her of my journey through hell with my bipolar son and how we found  Q96 that saved his life..  She looked at me with tears streaming down her face and I said what is wrong?

She said how long had you known about this product for your son . Since last November why?  Through her tears she asked why I had not told her about Q96? Well, your life looked perfect a great husband a big house always happy and good kids so I did not think you would want to know. At this point I was feeling stupid for saying those words out loud as it was the very life I was living except no husband and small house. But I never told anyone about my son for fear of being labeled or not looking like I had it together.

She was crying and was hard to understand as I  was crying in the middle of the store and then what she said next made my heart drop. She said her son was severely depressed and he begged for help and so with not knowing they took to their Dr and got him on meds and 2 weeks later he killed himself end of December.

All I could do was say Im sorry and hugged her as we both cried in the isle of the store.  I made a promise to her to myself and to my son I will tell everyone I know everyone I meet and everyone Im about to meet there is Hope and it is called Empowerplus Q96.

To this day I will tell anyone and everyone about this product as I might just save a life. Help bring hope back to those struggling and I will never let the person that looks like they have the perfect life slip through my thoughts .

Today my son is happy funny and is no longer in the grips of Bipolar and all he takes is Q96 like over 100,000 others and he is a new kid!

At Q Sciences we are Giving Hope and Healing to those that need! It is our mission.Depression Anxiety Bipolar ADHD For to long people have hid in the shadows with the stigma WELL time to come into the light and fight back with Q96 all natural way to regain your health! Want a sample ?? Just ask  Samples to those that are ready to change how they feel! Information website www.helpwithq.com

Lisa Young IBO Silver Elite

Help me share this information and never have to say WHAT IF.



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