Are you taking a probiotic? If not you should be.

Amazing study just out – probiotics improve emotional and mental function by increasing connections between parts of the brain!
Qbiotic benefits:
·       Reduces risks for colon cancer
·       reduces irritable bowel and colitis symptoms, less bloating, gas, cramping, diarrhea and constipation
·       reduces anxiety and modulate brain activity.
 Relieves eczema and other allergies in children (especially if taken during pregnancy) (study was done on prebiotics but probiotics should be even more effective in this regard)
·       cure intestinal infections
·       lowers cholesterol
·       lowers blood sugar
·       enhances weight loss
·       improves liver function
How to take Qbiotic:
·       best taken daily with or without foods (thanks to delivery    mechanism)
·       may be taken more than once daily
·       Only side effects may be temporary change in stools, increased gas as bacteria fight it out – should normalize in 2-4 days
·       especially important to take more Qbiotics
when taking antibiotics, when ill, after eating sugar
In a proof-of-concept study using functional MRI (fMRI), researchers found that women who regularly consumed probiotic-containing yogurt showed altered activity of brain regions that control central processing of emotion and sensation. The study was funded by Danone Research.
“This study is unique because it is the first to show an interaction between a probiotic and the brain in humans,” lead author Kirsten Tillisch, MD, associate professor, Oppenheimer Family Center for Neurobiology of Stress, David Geffen School of Medicine, University of California Los Angeles, told Medscape Medical News.
Q Sciences has done it again.  Introducing Qbiotics. to order your Qbiotic today! Dont forget your Q96 as well!



RESCUE A PET with Q96!! See how a rescued Dane went from terrified, anxious to VIBRANT AND HEALTHY!!

RESCUE A PET with Q96!! See how a rescued Dane went from terrified, anxious, nightmares to VIBRANT AND HEALTHY!!

Rourke is a new dog today with Q Pets

There once was a dog named Rourke who was a rescue at The for love of Danes. My daughter and I found him on the website and instantly fell in love. Went through the process and now he’s a big part of our family. When we got him he was terrified of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. Full of bald spots, anxiety, nightmares and all round a sad story. Thanks to the rescue people in a lot better shape then when they got him. We brought him home, he was on all kinds of meds but still not a happy puppy. 10 sessions with a dog therapist and a bit of a change. The vet figured we could try taking him off the clonicalm as it made him so drowsy. Literally just sedated him. Wasn’t fun or fair to him.

Then Q96  came into our lives and he after 1 month is like a new dog!!! Full of love and energy, the hit of the park. Lets EVERYONE pet him and now plays with all the dogs. The nightmares are much fewer and less intense. His tail is always wagging as it was always between his legs. Q has saved his life. I truly believe that. Other than the few nightmares and torn ears he is one happy pup:). Thank you Lisa Young for asking me to share his story and progress. He is not just a dog. He is a Dane.

Here is Rourky after 1 month on Q96. Danes aren’t big runners. He’s full of energy …… And famous. A lady walked up and asked if his name was Rourke??? I said yes and she said she saw his picture on the for love of Danes website  but said he was adopted.

Sandy G ~ Rourky’s Mom

All you pet lovers! Q Pets is now available. QPets provides quality vitamins, minerals and amino acids in a chewable, easy-to-digest wafer specially formulated for optimal brain health and nutrition in animals.

Q PETS IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Q Pets is a nutritional supplement that breaks through the blood brain barrier giving 100 % nutrition where it is needed. Helps with pets that have Anxiety Stress and gives over all health.  Will  you give your pet the best nutrition out there?  60 tablets for $29.95 Web site to watch is Connect with Lisa Young for more information. Email

Q Pets Nutrition for all ages.

Q Pets Dogs and Cats will love you for it.

Q Pets All pets love this stuff!

Does your pet have the best nutrition posssible?

Does your pets suffer from stress and anxiety while you are away? What about aggressive behaviors? Or are you looking for over all health providing a shinier coat with better nutrition? Q Sciences and Q 96 has once again provided a solution! Coming soon, Q Pet’s will enhance the overall quality of life for your 4 legged love ones because it breaks through the blood brain barrier! To learn more visit  Q Pets on June 1st or message me for information Lisa Young @

jimmy tSome conditions your pet might have and we know Q96 Q Pets can help. Watch for this wonderful product to be available June 1st.

Pets with Skin, Ear, & Anal Gland Allergies

Pets with Weight Issues; too fat or too skinny

Pets with Kidney Disease

We love Q Pets

We love Q Pets

Pyramid scheme?

Pyramid scheme? The biggest pyramid scheme of all is the government, next in line is that job you think is so secure! Seriously people, it’s time for everyone to wake up and face the reality that the only way to control your financial future, is to take control of it! That includes being smart enough to invest in your future via your own business. it takes a small investment of money, a large investment of time but far from being a pyramid. A network marketing business rewards your actual efforts rather than the big guy at the top! In network marketing,we don’t have a boss (we are the boss), we have control! If we fail, it is our failure. If we succeed, it is our success! Saying pyramid scheme in the same sentence as saying network marketing shows nothing more than pure ignorance. Do yourself a favor educate yourself on the possibilities all around you!

Marketing Growth!

Network marketing companies need two things to thrive. First they need a growing distributor base. Second they need demand for their product. The timing could not be more perfect for an explosion in home based businesses over the next decade. Renowned economist, Paul Zane Pilzer is on record predicting in 2006 that he believes the United States economy will create 10 million new millionaires by 2016. He further states that the fastest growing segments will be Health and Wellness and Network Marketing

Distributor Base

The Baby Boomer Generation drives the economy. This cohort has shaped marketing strategy as well as the retail landscape. The leading edge of the baby boomer juggernaut is celebrating their 65th birthday every 8 seconds according to a recent article in USA Today. The trailing edge will turn 65 in 2029. Many of these 77 million members have been forced out of the workforce early, are finding it difficult to find employment, watched their retirement accounts evaporate and lost equity in their homes. They have social credibility, disposable income and a desire to work which is the perfect combination to drive up network marketing company enrollment rates. More importantly to network marketing companies, they still have bills to pay because they refuse to slow down and control expenses.

Product Demand

There are direct and indirect product demands that will be driven by the baby boomers. This generation is all about dismissing old age. Boomers go to great lengths to look and feel younger. Cosmetic surgery, teeth whitening, joint relief, brain health and nutritional food stores continue to realize great growth trends. Couple that with a home based delivery system (indirect product demand) that pays distributors to be the spokesperson and baby boomers have the perfect marriage for driving network marketing growth.

Many baby boomers will engage their entrepreneurial spirit and drive yet another trend in marketing. Network marketing will satisfy the insatiable appetite for the aging boomers to stay in the game. Getting paid to market a product without the constraints of a traditional job will be very appealing to these reluctant retirees. After all, they are learning social networking from their kids, why not monetize it?

Now, if your ready to find out more and be educated and know Q Sciences has the most lucrative compensation plan in the industry and why their flag ship product is in high demand.

I invite you to visit and do your due diligence .. Any questions please message me at

Lisa Young IBO Rank of Silver with Q Sciences




Mothers Day Special Extended! Give the gift of health with FREE Q96

Mothers day Special ! Sunday May 12 and extended through Monday May 13th.

Order Mom a box of Q Ssentials and I will send a free sample box of Q96 Empowerplus.


Foundational support for optimal mind and body wellness
Qssentials provides a comprehensive daily dose of our core foundational wellness formulas, packaged for on-the-go convenience. Each individual formula offers a specific health benefit, but when taken together, the sum combination of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and herbs works synergistically to purify, optimize and protect both mind and body.
Each Qssentials pack includes:
  • QVitalize: An herbal and amino acid blend for optimal vitality and energy
  • Q96: Our proprietary formula for optimal mood stability and brain function
  • QBiotics: A patented, controlled release probiotic for optimal digestive health
  • Q10+: An overall growth hormone stimulant for optimal, healthy aging
Key benefits:

  • Provides a comprehensive dose of our core foundational wellness formulas
  • Combination of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and herbs works synergistically for an exponential impact on mind and body
  • Two specific formulations for men and women
  • Conveniently packaged for your daily dose on the go
  • btn-buy-nowOnce you place your order email me your address so I can send the FREE sample box of Q 96 Empowerplus to you.
  • Q96

    Our proprietary formula for optimal mood stability and brain function
    Q96 is powerful brain food specially formulated to provide nutritional support to the brain and central nervous system.
    A high-quality, well-balanced blend of 36 vitamins, minerals and amino acids, Q96 delivers nutrients in a safe, effective dose that boosts mood stability, mental clarity, and overall brain health in both children and adults. Our unique 96-hour micronization and nano-chelation processes increase bioavailability for maximum nutrient uptake in the brain.
    Q96 is backed by scientific research at fourteen universities in four countries, as well as research published in peer-reviewed journals.
    Key benefits:

    • Supports mood stability, improved cognition, and overall brain health
    • Contains a well-balanced blend of 36 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids specially formulated for the brain and central nervous system
    • Unique 96-hour micronization and nano-chelation processes increase bioavailability for maximum nutrient uptake in the brain
    • Backed by scientific studies conducted at major universities in four countries, as well as research published in peer-reviewed journals

Tony Stephan and the Q Sciences information regarding Q96.

Many have asked about Tony Stephan and the Q Sciences information regarding Q96..

Q96 EMPowerplus Part 1 – Tony Stephan’s Story

Q96 EMPowerplus Part 2 – Hospital Visit and Looking for Answer

Q96 EMPowerplus Part 3 – The Epiphany

Q96 EMPowerplus Part 4 – Studies Behind the Product

Q96 EMPowerplus Part 5 – Why Tony is Working With Q Sciences

Q96 EMPowerplus Part 6 – The Q96 Formulation

EMPowerplus Part 7 – Call Center and Individual Care


WHAT IF? Parents with kids with ADHD Found Hope!

Q kids Club – helping kids feel better? You bet! Parents with kids with ADHD NOW you know there is help for your kids. WHAT IF it helped them WHAT IF they were not sick from the meds and WHAT IF they said thank you for saving me.. Now how can anyone deny their kids that?

No child should be drugged when there is something natural for them.

Now there is HOPE with Q 96 Empower Plus Your kids won have any harmful side effects they will be kids again and your family will be forever changed!  Give the gift of health hope and healing to our CHILDREN and watch how they light up your life with their smiles and hugs!

Give your child their smile back!

Q96   Empower Plus WORKS !

Q96 Empower Plus WORKS !

To learn more about Q Sciences and the product changing lives daily visit

Looking forward to speaking with you and answering any questions.

Lisa Young IBO Q Sciences


Q Sciences Team Quan. Are you ready to build your future?

I have to pinch myself sometimes as Im so very blessed to be in the amazing company with the Best of the Best. In a few short months I have reached the level as Silver or Q20 which is 20,000 in volume.
   Im a part of team Quan of Q Sciences –What is the Quan? Its prosperity…mental, physical, spiritual and financial prosperity. Real and lasting success comes only when we achieve balance in these areas. We created Team Quan because we believe in you and in your potential to be awesome…to be the very best you.

Team Quan exists to help you Quan-ify your life. We are here to walk the path with you (and sometimes even help guide you) as you build your Q Sciences business. Look for frequent updates…success stories, tips, training, motivation and just plain good stuff to help you live the life you were meant to live. Lets share the Quan together!

Jimmy Kossert, Rodger Smith and Ken Forrest – Once realize the magnitude of what these men bring to Q Sciences and we are at the top of this company right here right now. Nothing can stop you from achieving all you want. We have THE BEST tools training and leadership.. So hang on for the ride of your life and build that foundation NOW.. Let’s build this together!

Ready to join my International team of leaders throughout USA and Canada.


Lisa Young IBO Rank Q20 Silver

Lisa Young

Lisa Young



Why Q Sciences Compensation Plan is so rewarding!

Exponential Infinity Plan: Overview


Welcome to the Team!

As a Q Sciences Independent Business Owner (IBO), you deserve the absolute best. To that end, we have worked with leading commissions experts and analyzed over 25 years of network marketing commissions data to create what we feel is the most fair, flexible, and financially rewarding compensation plan ever offered.

Whether you want to simply cover your personal monthly product purchases, wish to supplement or replace your family’s income, or aspire to achieve financial independence as a full-time IBO, the Exponential Infinity Plan provides a way.

The Exponential Infinity Plan offers Eight (8) unique ways to earn income:

  • Retail Sales Profit;
  • Team Builder 3 Bonus;
  • Power 30 Bonus Pool;
  • Quick Start Bonus;
  • Unilevel Commissions;
  • Customer Sales Bonus;
  • Generational Matching Bonus; and
  • Global Leadership Pools.

1. Retail Sales Profit (Paid Monthly)

The Retail Sales Profit rewards you when you make retail sales to your personal customers.

How it works: When a personal customer orders product at the retail price, you receive the markup or difference between the wholesale price and the retail price.

For Example: The wholesale price for Qssentials is $128.95; the retail price is $148.95. If you sell 5 Qssentials packs to your personal customers in a month, you will earn $100.00 (($148.95 – $128.95) x 5).

The Retail Sales Profit is paid monthly, in addition to all other bonuses or commissions you may have earned.

2. Team Builder 3 Bonus (Paid Weekly)

The Team Builder 3 Bonus rewards you for building a strong Organization with recurring monthly sales.

How it works: When you enroll three new IBOs with monthly Autoship of at least 120 Personal Sales Volume (PV), and help your Team do the same down three levels, you create the beginning of a solid Organization founded on three strong Legs and qualify for bonuses on the associated Organizational Volume (OV).

How it works: First, you must be fully enrolled and have committed to a monthly Autoship of at least 120 PV. Then, personally enroll three new (never before enrolled) IBOs who each commit to an Autoship of at least 120 PV.

These three new personally enrolled IBOs are on your Level 1 and together add at least 360 in monthly OV to your Team. Based on the increase in your OV, you will receive a bonus of $50.

If you do this step in your first 30 days of enrollment, you will qualify for the Team Builder 3 Advantage. Instead of a $50 cash bonus, you may choose to receive a free Qssentials pack (a wholesale value of $128.95).

Next, help each of these new Level 1 IBOs go on to enroll three new IBOs, each with Autoship of at least 120 PV. These additional new 9 IBOs are on your Level 2. Based on the increase in your OV, you will receive a bonus of $200.

Lastly, when you help these new 9 IBOs repeat this process down one more level, based on the increase in your OV, you will receive a bonus of $1250.

There is no limit to how many teams of three you may build and, therefore, with the increase in your associated OV, no limit on how many times you can earn the Team Builder 3 Bonus.

3. Power 30 Bonus Pool (Paid Weekly)

The Power 30 Bonus Pool rewards you for investing in your business in your first 30 days of enrollment, and for continually working to build your team.

Each week Q Sciences puts 2% of the total company qualifying volume into the Power 30 Bonus Pool. And each week the pool is divided and paid out to qualifying IBOs based on their total number of shares in the pool.

How it works: During your first 30 days of enrollment, your total non-Autoship PV determines your lifetime Power 30 Bonus Number, or “Multiplier” – a number that stays with you while you remain an IBO with Q Sciences, and factors into the amount of Power 30 Bonus Pool shares you can potentially earn.

If you reach a non-Autoship personal sales volume of 365 during your first 30 days, then you would earn a Power 30 Bonus Number – or Multiplier – of 2.

If you reach 750 PV, then you earn a Multiplier of 3;

and if you reach 1500 PV, you earn a Multiplier of 5.

When you personally enroll a new IBO, it works exactly the same for them:
At 365 PV they earn a lifetime Multiplier of 2;
At 750 PV they earn a lifetime Multiplier of 3;
and at 1500 PV, they earn a lifetime Multiplier of 5.

As long as you maintain a monthly Autoship order of at least 120 PV, each time you personally enroll a new IBO, you can earn shares in the Power 30 Bonus Pool. The number of shares you receive in the pool is equal to the product of your Multiplier times your new IBO’s Multiplier.

For example: Let’s say when you enrolled and became an IBO with Q Sciences you invested in an Executive Pack (1500 PV) during your first 30 days. This would earn you a lifetime Power 30 Bonus Number or Multiplier of 5. Later you enroll a new IBO who also purchases an Executive Pack worth 1500 PV. Your new IBO would, therefore, also earn a lifetime Multiplier of 5. Assuming you had a monthly Autoship order of at least 120 PV, you would qualify to participate in the Power 30 Bonus Pool. The number of shares you would receive in the pool associated with your personally enrolled new IBO would be 25 (5 * 5 = 25). If that week’s Power 30 Bonus Pool contained 250 total qualifying shares, you would receive a payout of 10% of the Bonus Pool.

The Power 30 Bonus Pool is paid weekly and is based on the Enroller Tree.

4. Quick Start Bonus (Paid Weekly)

The Quick Start Bonus jump-starts your business by putting money into your hands quickly.

How it works: This bonus is paid on the PV of your new IBOs during their respective Quick Start Bonus Period (their first three months after they enroll), on up to six Levels in your Organization. Additionally, all preferred customers are considered IBOs for purposes of determining Quick Start Bonuses during their Enroller’s Quick Start Bonus Period.

The percentage bonus you earn on the PV of your new IBO’s is based on your PV and total OV (Organizational Volume), as well as your new IBO’s month of enrollment.

For example: If you personally enroll three new IBOs that each purchase 750 PV during their first month (2,250 total PV), and you had 2 preferred customers who each purchased 100 PV, you would earn a 20% bonus on the total volume, for a Quick Start Bonus of $490 (2,450 PV * 20% = $490).

The Quick Start Bonus is paid weekly through the Enroller Tree and is calculated using Dynamic Compression to ensure that you receive the absolute maximum payout.

5. Unilevel Commissions (Paid Monthly)

The Unilevel is the backbone of the Exponential Infinity Plan and is designed to provide you with a stable, long-term source of income.

How it works: During your first three months, you receive commissions exclusively through the Quick Start Bonus. When your first three months of enrollment end, you become eligible for Unilevel commissions.

The Unilevel pays monthly commissions on up to 120 PV per IBO, on up to 10 Levels of your Organization. The Q Sciences Paid Rank that you qualify for in a given month determines the number Levels that you are paid commissions on, and the associated commission percentages.

For example: If you had 120 PV and OV of 5,000 in a given month, and assuming that you met the non-high leg(s) requirement of 1k and had at least 1 personally enrolled active distributor, you would qualify for the Paid Rank of Pro 5k. This would qualify you to receive Unilevel commissions 5 Levels deep in your Organization.

Unilevel commissions are paid through the Sponsor Tree and are calculated using Dynamic Compression.

6. Customer Sales Bonus (Paid Monthly)

The Customer Sales Bonus rewards you for exceeding the monthly minimum PV required to receive Unilevel commissions, and for building a robust customer and Preferred Customer base.

How it works: Once you are eligible for Unilevel commissions (following your first three months of enrollment after your Quick Start Bonus Period), you are also eligible to receive the Customer Sales Bonus. To qualify for the Customer Sales Bonus, you must have a monthly Autoship of at least 120 PV.

The Customer Sales Bonus is paid on all volume that exceeds 120 PV per IBO per month. This excess volume is considered your Customer Volume (CV). Your customers’ and your Preferred Customers’ monthly volume is also counted towards your CV.

The greater your CV in a given month, the higher the bonus percentage you earn on the volume. If your CV in a given month is between 1 and 500, you will earn a 10% Customer Sales Bonus on that volume. If your CV is over 500, you will earn a 15% bonus.

For example: Let’s say in a given month you have a monthly Autoship of 240 PV, five customers with 200 PV each, and one Preferred Customer with 120 PV. This would give you a total of 1360 PV for the month.

Of your total PV, 120 is paid commissions on through the Unilevel. The remaining volume (1,360 PV – 120 PV = 1,240) is considered your CV. Because your 1,240 total CV is greater than 500, you would earn 15% on this volume, for a Customer Sales Bonus of $186 (1,240 CV * 15% = $186).

The Customer Sales Bonus is paid through the Enroller Tree on up to two Levels, and is calculated using Dynamic Compression.

7. Generation Matching Bonus (Paid Monthly)

The Generation Matching Bonus rewards you for achieving one or more of the highest seven ranks (Q20k and above) under the Unilevel.

How it works: Depending on your qualifications, you will earn a percentage of your Organization’s earnings on up to six Generations of:

  • All Quick Start Bonuses paid;
  • All Unilevel Commissions paid; and
  • All Customer Sales Bonuses paid.

The Generation Matching Bonus is also calculated using Dynamic Compression.

8. Global Leadership Bonus Pools (Paid Monthly)

The Global Leadership Bonus Pools reward you for achieving one or more of the five highest ranks (Q80k and above) in the Unilevel.

How it works: The Company reserves up to 0.5% of Total Qualifying Volume for each of the five Bonus Pools. Every month, each Bonus Pool’s funds are divided and distributed to its qualifying participants.

You receive up to one full share in the Bonus Pool associated with your highest Paid Rank, and ½ share in each Bonus Pool associated with all of your lower qualifying ranks. For your current Paid Rank, you receive ½ share in its Bonus Pool the first month you qualify. When you achieve this Paid Rank in successive months, your ½ share in that Bonus Pool is increased to one full share. You cannot earn more than thirteen percent of any one Bonus Pool for which you qualify in any given month.

For example: Let’s assume that this month you achieve the Paid Rank of Crown for the first time. You would then earn shares in each of the five Bonus Pools as follows: ½ share in the Crown Pool, ½ share in the Diamond Pool, ½ share in the Emerald Pool, ½ share in the Ruby Pool, and ½ share in the Platinum Pool.

When you achieve the Paid Rank of Crown again the next month, your share in the Crown Pool would increase to one full share, and you would continue to receive ½ share in the other pools.

Are YOU ready to get to work with Q Sciences? Our team of leaders are throughout the USA and Canada. If your ready to get started secondary-side1

Looking forward to building a strong team with you.

Lisa Young IBO Rank- Silver

Welcome to the Team !

Welcome to the team!

Welcome to the team!

Truehope’s Empowerplus Becomes Empowerplus/ Q96 from Q Sciences

Tony Stephan the co-founder of TrueHope talks about his search for answers with his children’s bipolar disorder and why he chose to align his personal mission with the vision of Q Sciences.

On April 6, 2009 Global News aired this segment outlining the latest research publishing’s for Truehope’s Empowerplus/Q96  for the treatment of Bipolar Disorder. Truehope has been developing products and programs for Mental disorders like Bipolar disorder since 1996. They have received a lot of attention from researchers and media because of the effectiveness of their products.

Depression, anxiety, and panic attacks are not a sign of weakness…they are signs of having tried to remain strong for too long. Did you know that at least 1 in 3 of us go through this at some point in out lives… in fact most of us have some degree of stress and anxiety especially in these trying times. Some turn to medication and that is usually not the best answer. Often those medications don’t work and in fact can create side effects that make things even worse.

There are options however…. natural solutions that work.  Empowerplus/Q96 is a product that has been quietly used and studied for 15 years now with very positive results. Extensive ongoing research continues with results being published and made available to all. We are bringing the product to market now on a wider scale and we invite you to take a look at what we have and what we are doing. Testimonials are in abundance and we are here to guide and assist anyone with interest in learning more.

Empowerplus/Q96 is The most researched MicroNutrient in the world is unlike any other multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. As of January 2013 the EMPowerplus/Q96  formulation is backed by:

20 Medical Journal Publications

  • The most respected evidence-based reports available to medical professionals that highlight new advances in the medical field.
  • Research has been published in 20 medical journals over the past decade proving the effectiveness of the EMPowerplus/Q96 formulation.

41 Researchers

  • Q Sciences has been approached by 41 independent researchers over the last decade who have contributed to ongoing studies.
  • The research that has resulted has been positive and has shown significant improvement in the lives of those with mood disorders.

15 Universities

  • The EMPowerplus/Q96  formulation has been studied around the world including at 15 renowned universities.

3 Continents

  • Since the reach of the EMPowerplus/Q96 research has been phenomenal, it has spread throughout the world and has taken place across North America, Europe, and Australia.

Ready to feel better ? Order Empowerplus/Q96 at

  • 247193_551336091585236_275907150_ntumblr_mfar6zSuV41rs3bweo1_400