One of the most effective Products for mood disorders- Q 96

One of the most effective Products – Q 96

 The Q96 formulation is a micronutrient formula co-developedc by Anthony F. Stephan. It is designed to promote mental well-being in those suffering from various mood disorders, by providing a broad-based balanced supply of micronutrients needed for healthy brain function and development.

As a result of serious bipolar disorder, Anthony Stephan’s wife, Debbie, committed suicide in 1994. Two of their children, Autumn and Joseph, were diagnosed with the same illness. Anthony, in desperation, sought help from every possible source and, after two years of diligent prayer, made a break-through discovery. Using the micronutrient formulation, Autumn and Joseph have been well without medication since 1996. Now, Q96 is available to benefit millions of people in over one hundred and five countries.
The Q96 formulation has been examined in a variety of human conditions, such as bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, anxiety disorders, ADHD, OCD and autism. The formulation holds the distinction of being the most researched micronutrient formula of its kind in the world.
Twenty published studies demonstrating effectiveness, have led to several on-going double-blind placebo controlled clinical trials. In all, thirty-nine researchers and fourteen universities from four countries have participated in the research studies. All research is conducted and funded independently. These studies were completed under multiple labels all of which are the Q96 formulation.
In addition, a laboratory study conducted through the Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience demonstrated that rats, fed the formulation mixture, showed accelerated microscopic and functional recovery following experimentally- induced brain lesions. These findings demonstrate the value of broad-based micronutrients in enhancing neuronal recovery following brain injury.
The unique formulation of Q96, based on specialized technological advances in micronutrient delivery allows the body to rapidly absorb and utilize these essential nutrients for optimum physical and mental health.

Lisa Young Q Sciences IBO

USE IBO # 10256

USE IBO # 10256


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