Do you go to WebMD for advice?

Do you go to WebMD for advice?

Dr Stephan Kimberley is Q Sciences’ Chief Science Officer..He is also Senior Editor of WebMD …and is the formulator of Q Sciences’ anti-aging nutritional ..Qssentials, which includes  Q96, and his formulation QVitalize.

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Dr. Kimberley’s passion for creating innovative herbal and nutraceutical formulations stems from 30 years of experience as an internal medicine specialist in integrative and alternative medicine. For the past 13 years, Dr. Kimberley has served as Senior Editor for WebMD, the leading source of medical information on the web. In that time, he has developed over 50 diagnostic and health management tools and shared his extensive knowledge of natural ingredients and their powerful effect on wellness.

Dr. Kimberley received a graduate degree in neurochemistry and biology from the University of Oregon, a medical degree from the University of Oregon Health Sciences Center, and completed his residency in internal medicine at UCLA’s Kern Medical Center.

Here is to your health!

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One of the most effective Products for mood disorders- Q 96

One of the most effective Products – Q 96

 The Q96 formulation is a micronutrient formula co-developedc by Anthony F. Stephan. It is designed to promote mental well-being in those suffering from various mood disorders, by providing a broad-based balanced supply of micronutrients needed for healthy brain function and development.

As a result of serious bipolar disorder, Anthony Stephan’s wife, Debbie, committed suicide in 1994. Two of their children, Autumn and Joseph, were diagnosed with the same illness. Anthony, in desperation, sought help from every possible source and, after two years of diligent prayer, made a break-through discovery. Using the micronutrient formulation, Autumn and Joseph have been well without medication since 1996. Now, Q96 is available to benefit millions of people in over one hundred and five countries.
The Q96 formulation has been examined in a variety of human conditions, such as bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, anxiety disorders, ADHD, OCD and autism. The formulation holds the distinction of being the most researched micronutrient formula of its kind in the world.
Twenty published studies demonstrating effectiveness, have led to several on-going double-blind placebo controlled clinical trials. In all, thirty-nine researchers and fourteen universities from four countries have participated in the research studies. All research is conducted and funded independently. These studies were completed under multiple labels all of which are the Q96 formulation.
In addition, a laboratory study conducted through the Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience demonstrated that rats, fed the formulation mixture, showed accelerated microscopic and functional recovery following experimentally- induced brain lesions. These findings demonstrate the value of broad-based micronutrients in enhancing neuronal recovery following brain injury.
The unique formulation of Q96, based on specialized technological advances in micronutrient delivery allows the body to rapidly absorb and utilize these essential nutrients for optimum physical and mental health.

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USE IBO # 10256

USE IBO # 10256


My Q Sciences website now has samples of Q96 now available or a bottle of 120 either way you will feel wonderful! Q96 is specifically formulated to provide essential nutritional support to the brain and central nervous system…..Many are seeing amazing results OCD GONE Anxiety GONE Migraines GONE Depression GONE Anger issues GONE. Ladies HOT FLASHES GONE!! Nothing like waking up feeling fabulous and not stressed..


Will you share this information to save a life?

96d738496bd4f672ecfef031add1f810Have to share this with all of you. As most know Im with Q Sciences and have the product for depression and other mood disorders.

I ran into a friend at the store, she had been on my mind  to share the Empowerplus Q96 with but thought she had the perfect life, the perfect family so never shared with her about the Empowerplus Q96.

When she asked what am I doing now I told her and her face went pale and she started to cry. She then said how long have you been doing this and have known about this product? Since  November 2012 I said. She said through her tears why did you not tell me? You see her son had Bi Polar and she was to embarrassed to tell anyone trying to be that perfect family.  But in the end he suffered, the family suffered and she prayed for help for answers of how to help him.  Her son ended up committing suicide weeks after being put on meds in  December 2012

I have never felt more horrible at that moment all I could do is cry and say Im sorry. I promised my friend in the middle of the store both crying that I would always share this product and bring hope to those that are praying for it.

I will always share what I know and what I have that can help someone even if they seem to have the perfect life. Im crying writing this as my son has BiPolar and the day someone told me changed my life and my son’s life.

I hope if anyone knows someone that has a mood disorder and is suffering please share this with them because now you know how to help them. You do not want to be at their kids, their wife or their husband funeral and say I knew of this product that could of saved their life.

Thank you for letting me share a very personal moment with all of you.

To learn more about  Empowerplus Q96 and to share with someone you know that is suffering please visit my website

Lisa Young

***Much of the information we share will make reference to mental illnesses because of the profoundly amazing results in this area… . a person DOES NOT have to be sick to benefit from this product.. this product is for everyone from children and teens to middle aged and seniors and everyone in between.


How Q96 has helped me cope with ADHD, SDD

Every day testimonies are flooding in.

From Jean Pasche: Folks Here is my testimony on how Q96 has helped me cope with ADHD, SDD (seasonal Depression Disorder), Insomnia, Migraines & Mood Swing. Before taking Q96, I was very miserable during the winter months from September to April, as the days got shorter I notice that I never wanted to do anything and was always depressed. I always got migraines when I was in that house and it would start in the evening at the front of my head just at eye level before I went to bed and by morning it would be a full blown migraine. Those migraine where unbearable and I could tolerate anything even the sound of my wife and kid talking to me made me miserable and cranky. I do not know how my wife and son put up with me because I was always in a bad mood and not great company. I also had insomnia and had trouble sleeping a full night and it has been that way since I was in my mid teens. As a teenager I also enjoyed going to bed and sleep and I was able to manipulate my dreams, it was my happy place. When I turned 18 I no longer was able to dream that way and I have lost that happy place to go to when I slept.
I also have a problem focusing while working on project, I would start something and never finish it and would start another project even thought the other one was not finished and by the time I got back to the first project I would have ten thing going at once. I would never seem to get everything done. I would do things without thinking it thru and not think of the impact of what I have done till after it done and it was to late by then, the damage was done. I guess that is what they call ADHD/ADD.

In December of 2012 I was introduced to Q96 by Dennis Smith, I ask Dennis what it was and he said that it was a Micronutrient that helps people with Mood disorders so I ordered a bottle to try.
When I received the bottle I started taking right away and by the second day I started noticing a difference right away. That second evening I went to bed I did have my usual head ache that I got before, I felt relaxed and feel asleep within a minute. The next morning I woke up and was surprise that my child hood sleep patterns came back. I was ecstatic that I was able to dream the same way I did when I was a teenager. And the day got better, I could think clearly, no more brain fog, I was happy and no migraine. That day I got all my project done with ease and everything was easy. I got my life back and nothing bather me anymore, if something went wrong during the day, it did not bother like it did before and I was always in a good mood.

It has been 10 week now that I have been on Q96 and 3 week on the Qssential and I feel great,
I have not had a migraine or SDD, ADHD & Mood Swing since and feel great. My whole family is on Q96 now and our family life is back to normal now. Thank You Tony Stephan for creating such a wonderful gift, the gift of Q96. Q96 has giving my life back and thank you to Dennis Smith for introducing me to the Q. in about the Q96.

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