How a “Job” interview should go!


I had a job interview and after the interview we sat down to discuss compensation, I said I wanted the following:
1) I want a commission on everything I sell and I want that to increase as I get better;

2) I expect a big bonus when I reach my sales goals;

3) I would like to visit Qsciences Corporate offices when Im in town;

4) I expect the very best technology online to help me be successful and I want training all the time. Plus, I want to travel to places to listen to the top producers, places like Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, Dallas, Nashville, Las Vegas. Oh, and I want you to throw BIG parties at these events;

5) When I bring on new salespeople to train them, I want a 10% percentage of what they do forever! And, if they bring on people, I want a percentage of anything ever done for as many times that happens. Plus a bonus for both of us!

6) I want to move up very fast in the company and be asked to speak and share my experiences in only a few months of being here, if I choose to;

7) When I do well in the company I want LOTS of praise, cash bonuses, free trips, recognition and prizes;

8) I want my friends and family to work here too and enjoy all the same things I get!

9) I want to set my own schedule and only work when I want to, you know when if fits my religious and my family’s schedule.

And Jimmy Kossert Agreed!!!!!!!

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DEPRESSION effects us all The Qsciences Q96 product has had 25 million in research spent on it, already in 20 major publications, and researched in 14 accredited universities including Harvard showing results on people with ADD, depression, anxiety, panic, stress, and much much more


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Are you ADHD? Q96 is for you..

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Thousands of people now successfully use Q96. They say the micronutrient treatment effectively controls their symptoms of mental illness without medications or significant side effects. Here is Albert’s story, in their own words.

Albert’s story
We would like you to know how Q96 has helped our son Albert. We as parents noticed signs early (pre K) that our son had attention span problems. He was professionally diagnosed with ADHD before the start of first grade (year 2001). It was “highly suggested” that we medicate our son, or risk our son being held back. Reluctantly, and with much hesitation we put our son on Adderall with the start of first grade. At first there seemed to be improvement, but within three months there seemed to be nothing but bad effects on our son. Soon the doctor prescribed an antidepressant to counteract the effects of the Adderall. Nobody at this young age should need antidepressants. Our son was just so sad all of the time. It was as if he forgot how to be happy.

Through the next year and a half our son was put on Adderall XL, Remeron, Wellbutrin, Wellbutrin SR, and last but not least Strattera. We were happy to hear that Strattera was not a stimulant, but the side effects were worse than any of the other meds put together. Our son would scream that the TV always had to be on, and that was the only way he would sleep. He started stabbing himself in the hand with his pencil when he was unable to do a task at school. Through all this time we had many conferences with the school and the “team” that was designed to help our son. It was always agreed during these meetings that it was clear that Al was a very bright boy, but with no way of channeling his intelligence.Then one day while watching the Discovery Channel his dad saw a program on Q96 He made the necessary phone calls and thought this might help our son. We started the Q96 during Christmas break of his third grade. By New Years we saw improvement. Now that the end of the school term is here, we thought you would like to know about his success thus far:a) First and foremost, our son is HAPPY. It has been so long since we’ve seen him happy. This truly is one of the many great benefits of Q96.

b) Al took what could only be described as a poor report card to one of A’s and B’s.

c) He PLAYS with other kids. In the past he felt so bad about himself he would not participate in any school or playground games. Now he goes out almost every day and tries very hard to make new friends.

d) For the first time since he started school, we finally had a good teacher conference in April 2004. All of his teachers commented on how happy he is, and how well he is doing.

e) As with all children he faces the normal difficulties. But unlike before, when he fails at a task he gets mad, but then he gets over it.

f) We have seen so much improvement in our son over the last six months that it is hard to tell of each and every success. But you should know that Al was picked as Student of the Month for May for the student that demonstrated the most improvement.

g) He now reads and writes stories on his own. This is a task that would have been out of the question before 96..

There are so many ways in which Q96 has helped our son. We now tell anyone and everyone about our success.

With much appreciation,
Al and Lynda

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NOTE Q96 helps with Depression Bi Polar Anxiety ADHD ODD Autism and other mental health issues..


The Q96® formula is the most researched micronutrient formula in history.


QSciences – Formula Q96®

The Q96® formula is the most researched micronutrient formula ever. It is designed to promote mental well-being in those suffering from various mood disorders, by providing a broad-based balanced supply of micronutrients needed for healthy brain function and development.

The Q96® formula has been examined in a variety of human conditions, such as bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, anxiety disorders, ADHD, OCD and autism. This formula holds the distinction of being the most researched micronutrient formula of its kind in the world.

Twenty published studies demonstrating effectiveness, have led to several on-going double-blind placebo controlled clinical trials. In all, thirty-nine researchers and fourteen universities from four countries have participated in the research studies. All research is conducted independently with no internal funding.

In addition, a laboratory study conducted through the Canadian Centre for Behavioral Neuroscience demonstrated that rats, fed the Q96® formula, showed accelerated microscopic and functional recovery following experimentally induced brain lesions. These findings demonstrate the value of broad-based micronutrients in enhancing neuronal recovery following brain injury.

The unique formulation of Q96® based on specialized technological advances in micronutrient delivery allows the body to rapidly absorb and utilize these essential nutrients for optimum physical and mental health.

The majority of vitamin and mineral supplements found in supermarkets and health food stores cannot be easily digested due to the size of the particles and the improper ratios of certain minerals and vitamins that depend on each other for full absorption. Many supplements also contain inferior chelates and low quality ingredients.

QSciences “Nano-Chelation” is a unique, cutting edge technology that reduces the size of the ingredients in Q96® to nano sized particles the body can use. While most supplement micronization takes only 4 hours, the Q96® nanonization process takes up to 96 hours.

In addition to this process these nano particles go through a second rigorous process that wraps them in organic molecules and binds them to proteins that your body easily recognizes and absorbs helping the active ingredients cross the blood brain barrier.

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You are NOT alone! Help is here for Depression Bi Polar and other Mental Health issues.

Qsciences ,,Our products have been proven effective with over $25 million having been spent on clinical studies at some of the most prestigious universities on the planet. Never before has a company been more prepared to address the health needs of a generation!


We are confident that our products will change your life and allow the people you share our products with an opportunity to fully enjoy life once again. Together we have a great mission to perform and I am confident that as we join arms and come together we can Improve Quality of Life! If someone you know is suffering from Depression ADHD Fybromyalgia Bi Polar or other mental health issues Qsciences has the product to help.. Message me for details.

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18729_10200096295800430_1559110939_nQsciences is here to give back HOPE …



Bipolar, ADHD, Fibromyalgia, Depression Help is here

Bipolar, ADHD, Fibromyalgia, Depression Help is here. To my many friends that have one of these issues or knows someone that is suffering please connect with me for more info.. Q96 is good for Bipolar, ADHA, Autism, Depression, and over all mental wellbeing. If you know anyone that has any of these issues, you will want them to try Q96.
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Please take a moment and watch the attached video. Over 25 million in research has been spent already on Q96. With 20 studies to date.This is a QSciences Product that I feel I must share with everyone as my son suffers from Bi Polar and we have amazing results using the Q96This is a subject Im bringing into the open and helping who ever I can find hope..

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