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Shaklee Health Sciences: Clinical Research
Shaklee Health Sciences: Clinical Research


At Shaklee, scientific research has been a corporate strategy for over 30 years. Our commitment to clinical and scientific research separates Shaklee from the competition and has resulted in over 100 scientific papers—90 of them published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Our research studies are designed to help advance the state of scientific knowledge in the health and nutritional sciences, and they are a significant component of the Shaklee Difference.
The links below represent a sample of recent Shaklee sponsored research related to vitamin D intakes, multivitamin supplementation, sports nutrition, immune support, and omega 3 fatty acids.
For Medical Professionals Only: For a full list of Shaklee clinical and scientific research publications, please visit the Clinical Research Study Archive

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Shaklee has 0ver 100 scientific publications

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Getting started with Shaklee

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Shaklee a 56 year old company!

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Naturally safe, proven effective.

For over 50 years, generations of families have counted on us to do what no other company can do quite like Shaklee—make products that are naturally safe AND proven effective.
Every product that goes into every Shaklee bottle is designed to improve health, work without compromise, and be gentle on the planet.



And sometimes, you do things just because you should.
Among these are our campaign to plant a million trees.  Our sponsorship of three North Pole expeditions to measure the impact of global warming. Our donation of environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, used on board Jacques Cousteau’s research vessels. Our donation of vitamins and nutrition drinks to undernourished children and earthquake victims. Our support of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals to promote human rights and end poverty. Our partnership with Dr. Wangari Maathai, the first Nobel Peace laureate recognized for environmental work. Our official sponsorship of Earth Day. Our donation of almost half a million dollars to U.S. hurricane relief. Our annual giving that has topped $3 million.
The list goes on.
And so does our commitment to doing what’s right simply because it is.

Im here to answer any questions,

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The amazing Shaklee Basic H2 The Worlds FIrst and Best cleaner

  Shaklee is amazing!

What can be so amazing about this green cleaner to have Oprah choose it as her favorite product, to have the Vice President’s house and the President’s house use it in their homes by their families?  How can something that started off as a perfume, turn into the world’s first and best green cleaner?  Why would we ever want to have 5,800 bottles of Windex packed in one simple 16 ounce bottle of Basic H2?  

The answer is simple – Basic H2 isn’t just a window cleaner it does everything.  Heck there are more uses for Basic H2 than there are for Duct Tape.
  • Fruits and Vegetables: Use teaspoon of Basic H2 to pint of water.  Wash and rinse. It removes residues of poisonous sprays and grime of handling in transportation. Also removes grit from leafy vegetables.
  • Rose Bushes: 1/2 tsp. of Basic H2 to a gallon of water. Spraying rose bushes will protect them from red spider and other diseases and will make bushes flourish. It also conditions the soil.
  • House Plants: A few drops of Basic H2 in warm or tepid water to make plants flourish. Use Basic H2 Wipes to wipe down leaves.
  • Green Lawns: 1/2 tblsp of Basic H2 in an Ortho type bottle application and attach to your garden hose. Spray the lawn.
  • Fertilizer: 2 to 3 drops of Basic H2 per quart of water. Use once a week. Don’t over do it.
  • Weed Killer: 1/2 tblsp. of Basic H2 and 1/2 cup of Vinegar to a gallon of water. Put in a Spray bottle and use.
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner: Fill toilet tank dispenser with Basic-H2 .  Place in toilet tank. It will automatically release a measured amount of Basic-H2 when you flush and to keep toilet bowl clean for months.
  • Air Filters: Use 1 tsp. of Basic H2 to quart of warm water. Air filters are cleaned with excellent results, leaving them free of dirt, oil, or chemical residue.   
  • Concrete and Mortar Mix: Use 1/4 oz. of Basic H2 to a gallon of water. Makes cement and mortar spread easier and smoother, set harder.

Basic-H2 –
Liquid & Wipes

Non Polluting
Phosphate Free
100% Organic
Not a Soap
Not a Detergent
  • General Cleaning: Use 1/2 teaspoon of Basic H2 to quart of warm water. It cleans kitchen doors, walls, woodwork, ceilings..
  • Appliances and Bathroom Fixtures: Use 1/8 teaspoon of Basic H2 to pint of water. It leaves refrigerators odor-free and sanitary. Great for bathroom tile!
  • Windows, Mirrors, All Glass: Use Basic H2 Wipes.
  • Dishes: Use Liquid Dishwash Concentrate.
  • Automatic Dishwashers: Use Automatic Dishwash Powder Concentrate.
  • Floors: Use 1/2 tsp. Basic H2 to a gallon of cold water, wring mop and wipe up dirt. Leaves floor shining. To remove wax use Basic-I.
  • Dusting: Use Basic H2 Wipes, and wipe up dust, fingerprints, candy spots, etc. Everything disappears from furniture, leaving wax finish beautifully bright and non-magnetic, making it unnecessary to dust as often.
  • Electric Coffee Maker: 1/8 teaspoon of Basic H2 in a pot of water. Run through a cycle and rinse.
  • Spot Remover: Apply Basic H2directly on spotted area. Use a toothbrush or finger to rub into area. Wipe off with damp cloth or rinse in basin of water (Coffee, lipstick, ink, grass, etc).
  • Outside Windows & Screens: Use 1/2 teaspoon of Basic H2 in an Ortho bottle of water, and add 2 gallons of water. Use in a Spray bottle
  • Knives: Use a few drops of Basic H2 on cutting stone for sharpening knives. Keep moist and add as needed. Doesn’t clog stone, which is very important in sharpening tools. Stone rinses free of residue.
  • Ironing: A few drops of Basic H2 in a steam iron. It keeps jet and interior clean. Makes the steam wetter, and keeps iron free of mineral deposits. Iron a rag for the first time, it will clean out any old deposits.
  • Wallpaper Removal: 1 tablespoon of Basic H2 to a pail of hot water, and apply with sponge or mop and lift off. Use water to clean off the residue.
  • Aquariums: Use 1 teaspoon of Basic H2 per quart of water. Clean coral,rocks, entire aquarium. Rinse thoroughly. Don’t use with fish.
  • Fish Odors: Use 1 tablespoon of Basic H2 per quart of water. It also work wonders around boats, docks and other “fishy” places.
  • Boat Algae: Use 1 tablespoon to gallon of water. Spray Snow or Poster Paint on Windows: 1/2 teaspoon of
  • Basic H2 to quart of warm water.
  • Shoe Cleaner: Use Basic H2 Wipes. It will not remove wax. Shine with dry cloth.
  • Silver Polish: Use Basic H Wipes. Shine with dry cloth.
  • Gum: Use Basic H2 full strength to remove gum from skin or carpeting.
  • Plumbing: Will keep pipes open and clean when used regularly. it emulsifies grease and can eliminate cleaning of grease traps.
  • Clothes Dryer: Use Shaklee’s Soft Fabric Dryer Sheets.
  • Humidifiers: 3 to 4 drops of Basic H2 in water to help prevent rust and scum. Eliminates mineral deposits.
  • Skunk Smell: Use 2 tablespoons of Basic H2 per gallon of water to remove smell.
  • Fire Extinguisher: Use Basic H2 with water in a large spray bottle.
  • Leather: Use Basic H2 Wipes. It will not harm leather.
  • Laboratories: Basic H2 Wipes are excellent for cleaning glass slides used under microscopes where oil and magnetic particles must be eliminated. It also saves time and is effective in cleaning blood stained
  • test tubes.
  • Photography: To clean negatives use 1 drop of Basic H2 to1 quart of water. Pans are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Plaster Casts: Many doctors have found that it is just the thing for removing plaster off their hands after setting casts on patients.
  • Vinyl Upholstery: Use Basic H2 Wipes. Keep a container in your family vehicle.

  • Woolens, Silks, Nylons, All Fine Fabrics: Use Shaklee’s Liquid Laundry Concentrate. A Great for spot remover.
  • Cleaning Hands: Put a few drops of Basic H2 in palm. Rub thoroughly over both hands and add a little water.
  • Insect Repellent: Apply Basic H2 full strength or with equal parts of water to exposed areas. Biting insects, mosquitoes, chiggers, flies, fleas etc. don’t like it so will not bit where it has been applied.
  • Insect Bites: Rub Basic H2 directly on bites. Relieves itching.
  • Painting and Dyeing: Apply Basic H2 full strength to hands before painting or dyeing. Paint or dye will wash off easily.
  • Burns & Cuts: Rub Basic H2 directly on, helps healing process. Reduces pain & redness, and prevents blistering


  • Washing: 1/2 tablespoon of Basic H2. in a gallon of water. Easy removal of bugs, road grime. Wash small area at a time, and hose off. Wipe windshield, windows, chrome after rinsing rest of car.
  • Tires: Great for white walls. Use Shaklee Spray bottle filled with Basic H2 and water. Spray on rims, helps tires go on easier.
  • Commercial Car Wash: 1/2 quart of Basic H2 to 100 gallon water tank.
  • Engines: Use 1 ounce of Basic H2 to one gallon water to clean engine. It will not affect paint, gaskets or insulating material. Best results can be achieved when the engine is hot for fastest drying of the ignition system.
  • Battery Terminals: Use 1 teaspoon of Basic H2 to pint of water. Spray on battery terminals, let soak for 2 minutes and clean with wire brush.
  • Automobile Radiator: Use 1 tablespoon of Basic H2 to radiator full of water or anti-freeze. This prevents rust.

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Shaklee Message from our CEO



Thank you for taking the time to visit Shaklee and to learn who we are and what we are about. 
 As the number one natural nutrition company in the U.S., Shaklee has been making people healthier for over 50 years.  We offer the highest quality natural nutrition and personal care products, environmentally-friendly household products, and state-of-the-art air and water treatment systems that have helped millions enjoy a healthier life. 
And we’ve made it part of our job to make the planet healthier along the way. 
We were doing it back when green was just a color and biodegradable was barely a word.  In fact, as early as 1960, we made one of the first biodegradable household cleaners ever.  And we were the first company in the world to obtain Climate Neutral™ certification and totally offset our CO2 emissions, resulting in a net zero impact on the environment.  We do what we do because we think it’s essential to do our part to make people and the planet healthier. In doing so, we believe each of our contributions put together will create the major change we wish to see in the world. 
We are also proud to partner with some of the most respected world changers of our time – Nobel Peace Laureate Prof. Wangari Maathai, whose Green Belt Movement improves the lives of millions in Africa through planting trees; Prof. Jeffrey Sachs, whose work will empower some of the world’s most impoverished communities to sustain themselves economically; Prof. Daniel Esty, whose book Green to Gold spotlights companies with business practices that benefit the environment while creating profit; and world-renowned explorer Will Steger, whose Polar expeditions raise awareness about the health of our most sensitive environmental regions and what can be done about it.   
 At Shaklee, we believe that we each have a personal responsibility to do our part to make the world a better and safer place for our children and future generations.  The products we make, the opportunity we offer and the initiatives we support demonstrate that you can live in a way that is consistent with your values, and earn a great income at the same time.  We look forward to helping you create a healthier, safer, better future for yourself, your family, and the planet. 
 Warm regards,
Roger Barnett
Chairman and CEO
Shaklee Corporation
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Shaklee and Gwyneth Paltrow

Wanted to share some great things about Shaklee and here is one of them.

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Gwyneth Paltrow and Shaklee Share Common Values

How can a cookbook written by an Academy Award winning actress help people in Japan to recover from one of the worst natural disasters in history?  Here’s how:
Recently, Gwyneth Paltrow learned about the Shaklee Family and our values, and aboutShaklee Cares® and its mission of providing aid following a natural disaster like the one in Japan.  She was impressed with the way that the Shaklee Family organizes around helping others, and she wanted to participate.
The inspiration for Ms. Paltrow’s new book, My Father’s Daughter: Delicious, Easy Recipes Celebrating Family & Togetherness was the time she spent with her father preparing food for the family – time that taught her the importance of putting people and relationships first.  So taking some of the proceeds from her book to help people rebuild their lives – while at the same time honoring her father – felt like the right thing to do.
Shaklee Cares is pleased to announce that part of the proceeds from purchases of Gwyneth Paltrow’s book through a special Shaklee Cares affiliate page on will benefit the Shaklee Cares for Japan Earthquake Relief effort.
To help make a difference, and to get some ideas for how to make great food that will bring together the peopleyou care about, please visit our affiliate page here.

Buy Her Book & Make a Difference 

To help make a difference with Shaklee Cares relief efforts in Japan, and to get some ideas for how to make great food that will bring together the people you care about.


Why Gwyneth Chose Shaklee  

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