Send a FREE Christmas Card on me!

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Starting a business for $35 Unheard of

HI friends!! I want to share with you about LYF  If you have researched starting a new business well could be tens of thousands, most direct sales companies are under $500 which is amazing indeed. There is many from $100-$500 all great business models and well worth what you invest.

But when a great company comes out and offers only $35 to start your own business,receive commission immediately and includes a replicated site for your customers to start shopping as they introduce 40 new products that we all can use. ALL green thinking and health benefits we all need, well I need to tell you about it..

They do have iCHOICE health products  here is SZOOM  Made with the worlds 6 super fruits for amazing health benefits.

Do your research and when your ready to get started email me or head to  easy as that.

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Social Media

I follow Randy Gage each day and learn so much from his great outlook on life. I started to then check out all the  social media stuff out there and other ways to create income streams and yep social media for me is the way to go.

Follow me on twitter @lyfwithlisa or Facebook  Look forward to meeting you and helping you with those streams of income.

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Multiple streams of income

 Network Marketing! Direct sales! If you like meeting new people and work for yourself then this is the place for you..  Im thrilled to be a LYF associate,An Arbonne Consultant and my newest venture Send Out Cards! It is all about building relationships and enjoying life..

Don’t worry about not knowing how to start I can help guide you as there is many great systems out there and it is all about duplication.
Yes it does require work and not a get rich quick kinda thing,but a vehicle to make extra income,which we are all looking for whether a Dr, CEO or Stay at home Mom. 

A Job can be lost in a moment, your own business is security as you work when you want and no one can fire you or say sorry we are downsizing.Find what interests you and run with it, find the leader in your group and learn all you can,a true leader will love showing you how to succeed ..

You don’t have to be a salesman you need to have the desire to learn and help others,when you help others first things for you just fall into place.

So here is to all that want to learn more about multiple streams of income and ways to change your life. Im ready to teach and answer any questions you have.

Lisa Young

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Send Out a card today to someone you are thinking about!

Im thrilled to be using Send Out Cards for my businesses and wanted to share with everyone.

Just head to  to check it out and receive a few free cards or head on over to  if you just want to send a great card.

Enjoy the fun from your own computer,, Im loving this as Im an avid card sender. It has helped my many businesses grow as relationships are so important and this is keeping them going.

Enjoy and when you have questions email me so we can chat.

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Start your own home business with LYF ! $35

Im proud to say I have been with LYF since the beginning and as we grow and unveil fantastic new products we are aware of the economy and now more than ever want to help struggling families to start their business so with a $35 investment who can go wrong..

With many new products that is all about our health SZOOM is like no other please take the time to read the facts and then email me Lisa Young so together we can have financial freedom with amazing health benefits.

Today Im looking to be the answer to someones prayer.

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